Did you go to Sunday school as a child: a Bible story, a chorus or two and some colouring?  Well times have certainly changed.  Sunday mornings for the children are action-packed, fun-filled, God-experiencing times!  It’s amazing what you can do in just one hour.

Each week a dedicated team prepares a Bible themed morning for our primary school aged boys and girls.  The theme changes each term.  Currently we are focusing on Elijah and Elisha – two amazing Old Testament prophets who heard God and obeyed Him, with surprising results.

The stories are acted out or told in imaginative ways which brings home the relevance for us today.  Games are played, models and other crafts are created and the children are encouraged to pray and expect God to answer.

Every month there is a special morning, dedicated to experiencing the presence of God in a more tangible way.  The children are encouraged to praise with singing, dancing, using flags and streamers and then to worship and hear God however they are most comfortable.  The emphasis in these times is to feel the Lord and know when he is moving.  The children get to be ministered to in prayer and often minister to each other, too.  This term we are encouraging them to hear from God for others, not just for themselves.

We feel very strongly that God will do the same with the children as he is doing with the adults – if we just use simple language that they can understand.  We expect them to be born again, filled with the Spirit and move in gifts of prophecy, healing and prayer – and do you know what?  They do!!