IMG_1044-2Little Monkeys Parent and Toddler Group runs every Friday morning from 10 til 12 during term times. If you are a parent, grandparent, carer or child minder with young children aged from 0 to 4 you will receive a warm welcome at Fathers House. You will find a safe, secure and fun environment for your children to play and also an opportunity for you to play, sit, chat and have a well earned cup of tea!

A little bit of history…….the group has been running for over 15 years now! It started when 3 mums in the church began meeting together with their own babies and toddlers and inviting a few friends to join them. It was amazing how quickly the group grew, as more mums (and a few dads!) came along each week. It became an opportunity to build new friendships and welcome more people into the building and very soon outgrew the small room they were using . The group continued to grow and develop eventually expanding to the main hall, where it continues to be held, to accommodate the 30+ families who now regularly attend.

Over the years the group has been run by dedicated teams of volunteers who take on the roles of setting up behind the scenes, making teas and coffees, washing up, preparing craft activities and talking to the parents.

Two of those original mums have gone on to set up Little Acorns Pre School and it is a real joy to see many of those parents and carers who they have built relationships with at the toddler group stay with them through pre school, and often returning to Little Monkeys with younger siblings!

The group is currently headed up by Flor White with an amazing team around her. They are regularly able to share their own testimonies and weIMG_1041-1 are starting to hear exciting stories of the team having opportunities to pray with mums, of God answering prayers and of healing!

We will share more of these exciting stories soon.

Please speak to Flor if you feel that you would be suited to any of the roles involved and would like to be a part of the team.



Click on the link below to watch a video taken at Little Monkeys