What is RTF?

You have probably heard the term ‘RTF’ being used without actually being sure what it stands for and what it is all about. Hopefully this article will give you some idea.

 Restoring The Foundations

RTF stands for ‘Restoring the Foundations’ and it is a prophetic, prayerful, healing ministry. It is structured and planned; which means that if you decide to have RTF you have to fill in a form beforehand and book a time to actually have the ministry. However it is not simply about being prayed for…! When you have RTF ministry you are expected to be actively involved in the process and continue to work it through after the RTF has finished.

There are two types of RTF ministry; ‘Full or Thorough’ and ‘Single Issue’.

The thorough RTF is the original format and takes around 15 hours, and if I can use a car analogy it is like going for a personal MOT/service. The Single issue, as the name suggests, focuses on one issue in your life which is causing you pain or hindering you and takes about 3 hours. And if we go back to the car analogy it would be like identifying a particular problem with your car and looking to sort it out.

RTF tackles the problems identified from 4 different angles;

‘Sins of the fathers and resulting curses’ which is a bit of a mouthful but involves forgiveness and repentance,

Ungodly beliefs which involves identifying the wrong things we have believed about God, ourselves and others

Soul, spirit hurts which involves asking Jesus to heal us where we have been hurt

Demonic oppression which involves being set free from any oppression

The Fathers House began offering RTF single issue ministry about 18mths ago (April 2012), and it is overseen and administered by Simon Baddeley and myself. The Fathers House has 15 people who have gone through the RTF training to enable them to carry out the single issue ministry (with members of our own church). We don’t currently offer the thorough ministry, but we can put you in touch with people who do! (e.g. in Weymouth, Bath…).

Any one who thinks they would like RTF ministry is given a guide, so that they can find out more about the process. If they want to go ahead they fill in a personal questionnaire, which will be then used as the basis of a ministry plan. When the completed questionnaire has been handed back to Simon and Caroline, they ask two members of the team to undertake the ministry. Two people minister together; either a husband and wife team or a team of 2 women/2 men depending on the gender of the person having ministry.

RTF in the context of the Father’s House is seen as another ‘tool in our toolbox’ alongside the Encounter weekends A & B. In the last 18 months we have seen around 25 people go through the single issue RTF and have had many testimonies of how it has worked to bring healing and freedom to peoples lives.

Caroline Watkins