Martin has been continuing to be involved in Bethan’s creative workshops and shares some of his experiences and work that has come out of the creative journalling sessions…..

Bethan, in our introduction to ‘making journals’, ended her explanation of possible modes by saying that it would be good if each of us shared our Holy Spirit inspired works together.

I have underlined the words I took away to design a cross, the ‘eaches’ as the vertical and the ‘togethers’ as the horizontal. The ‘eaches’ turned into arrows aiming for the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ (our seeking, prayers, hopes).

The ‘togethers’ gave their direction to the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’.



Developing this idea I thought about how ‘each’ of us is different and have our own path there, I drew roots (= routes) coming ‘together’ at the foot of the cross.

Turning the page I drew the many arrows as coniferous trees that made up the forest ‘together’, still aiming at the Kingdom of Heaven and adding a note that ‘we are protected in a body, confident to move on, still taking our own paths – 1 Corinthians 12 v 12 (one of the trees is in flames – a martyr taking a short cut to the Lord!)



When I saw the others using pictures from magazines to give their messages I realised that this was the ‘mode’ Bethan had given us as the scheme for the night. So I found some ‘forests’ and ‘footpaths’ to give colours to mine.

In cutting out from a magazine I found I had a serendipitous piece i.e unintentional, but I included it as it made me aware ‘adolescence and/or baptism release us from the ties of family roots’.

As we packed up I noticed that Alan had also used the cross as a pointer to the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’, giving it a ‘blast off’ as a rocket. Thus the roots of my ‘cross’ had turned into flames – our varied backgrounds give fuel for our propulsion Heavenwards! (I like it!)