As you may know Louis and Beth Meseg left a month ago and have moved to Raleigh, North Carolina to be a part of a Revival School for two years. Here is a brief update from them.


MesegFamilyHello from the USA!
Firstly we want to say a massive thank you for the wonderful send off you gave us 4 weeks ago. (Can’t believe it’s been that long already!)

We had a bit of a rocky arrival with some difficulties at immigration and sadly, (and it was heart breaking),Emily was only allowed to stay for 24 hours because of major confusion over her visa,(not that it was in any way her fault).We hope to have her back out here as soon as the paper work can be sorted.

We have been really well received by the church here and people have been very kind and helped us get settled in. Thanks to much help we now have an apartment to live in, some furniture, a car (an all American minivan!) and an American bank account. Just working on the accent and we will nearly be American!

It has been a tough transition for all of us and we have at times felt like jumping on the next plane back to be with our big church family in the UK, we miss you and are truly thankful for the support you are to us, we really wouldn’t be here pursuing Gods call if it wasn’t for your encouragement and support.

We are looking forward to getting stuck in to the college course and Bella starting school after Christmas when we will have a lot more to update you on.
Wishing you all a fantastic Christmas with loads of love

Louis, Beth, Bella, Afia and Serena.