Open_Doors_Syria-300x200Many thanks to Father’s House Shaftesbury for signing the Open Doors petition for the church of Syria. Advocates from Open Doors were able to present the petition to the United Nations Security Council last week and 309,195 signatures from 99 countries were handed in.

The petition is no magic wand but it will serve to bring the plight of the Syrian Church to the United Nations and to those involved in hopefully drafting a political solution to the Syrian crisis. It is also a tremendous encouragement to the Syrian Christians themselves, knowing that they have not been forgotten but that so many brothers and sisters around the world care for them.

Open Doors are also involved in bringing aid to the Christians within Syria in the form of food,

shelter and medicine. Daily life is very tough in Syria and Christians are sharing what little they have with others.

But most importantly, Open Doors are encouraging Christians around the world to join in prayer. The churches in Syria are not asking us to pray for them but to pray with them, that they might be strengthened to fulfil God’s purpose in Syria in these traumatic days.

Once again, thank you so much for your help.

Mike Thompson