Bethan is continuing to run a series of ‘created to worship’ workshops each week at Fathers House which have been really well attended and very much enjoyed. Martin writes;

Last night – 12th February – at Bethans workshop we continued our theme of ‘clouds’. As usual asking the Holy Spirit for some influence/interference I just pushed my charcoal stick and some very watery paint on the board to see what came to me and found I was conjuring up a stormy sea – presumably a reflection on the heavy winds and waters we are going through currently.

But then I found a little centre for action in the picture – a space for a boat – so obviously (Mark 4 v 37) I filled in the disciples carrying Jesus, having a rest, across the lake; I was intending to paint in the Lord rebuking the storm…..but short of a brush and a steady hand and time, I stopped; leaving the picture to finish at home. Carrying my palette and water cup to the sink I spilt some then while mopping it up I explained to Sarah that I had been painting a stormy sea and felt I was still in it….then going outside to the car I really was in a storm! I deposited my basket and my stick on the ground, reaching for the door handle, I missed it and staggered backwards to fall heavily on my back!… gaze then was up to a peaceful moon and seagulls enjoying gliding on the winds (The Holy Spirit still at work) I got to my knees, clambered into the car and drove home ok.

Over a nights sleep it came to me in the morning that I should paint Jesus looking back into the boat, calming and rebuking the stormy fears of his disciples – He was in the same boat with them! (I might add a light sky, plus moon, and some seagulls as angels!)


Last week my ‘clouds’ painting had turned out as the serenity above the clouds, so when I came across a poem by Henry Vaughan that chimed with it, that was reassuring. Thank you Three in One….

O let me climb

When I lie down! The pious soul by night

Is like a clouded star whose beams, though said

To shed their light

Under some cloud,

Yet are above,

And shine and move

Beyond that misty shroud.

(extract from The Morning Watch by Henry Vaughan)


One might wonder about my resting on the Holy Spirit’s guidance in my pictures;

1. that in last nights workshop I was reflecting on the havoc caused by the continuing storms and our unreadiness, or

2. that I was emoting from my present souls disturbance and the difficulties and deaths of my contemporaries, or

3. at my daughters stormy feelings; she is a cleaner tending mostly on the elderly and, being like me very empathetic, worrying about them and what they are going through!


Well?? He’s in the same boat with us……..


“You are my peace in the troubled sea,

          bringing me safe to shore…..”


(Lyrics from ‘My Lighthouse’ by The Rend Collective Experiment)