Andrew and Helen Baddeley

Andrew and Helen Baddeley

Last month Andrew and I had the huge privilege of travelling to Alaska with Andy and Linda East. For years we have heard good things about the church in Kenai, and have so enjoyed the times that Steve and Vicki Toliver have been here in Shaftesbury. So you can imagine we didn’t need much persuading to go!

The four of us were asked to lead an encounter weekend for the church, called Kalafonsky Christian Centre. Andrew started the Friday evening off with a talk on the importance of forgiveness. People’s hearts were very open and we all had some really special times of prayer that night. We carried on the next day with some excellent teaching from Andy and Linda covering the orphan heart, shame to honour, and un-Godly beliefs. It’s always amazing how these keys can un-lock lives and bring breakthrough, and I know we all felt hugely privileged to be there.

The following week we joined in with the church’s annual January conference, Andy spoke on the Monday night on ‘The Presence’, which was amazing. Andrew was able to share on one of the morning sessions as well. This was such fun and really refreshing. The church there really knows how to give glory to God in worship!

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We made some great new friends. We also had some amazing opportunities to enjoy the beauty of Alaska. It really is an incredible place, your eyes ache from the beauty of the sea, mountains, volcanoes and just the hugeness of it all! Andy arranged a special treat for us with a friend of his to go up in a tiny aeroplane. We were able to see so much from the air of how vast and wild the land really is, endless frozen lakes and forests stretching out to the sea.

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We also had opportunity to catch up with Judith Green and Mary Glazier for breakfast (they send there love to you all …)
Well having been home for a few weeks now we’ve got over the jet lag, and are left with some very happy memories, thanks for the ride Andy and Linda ! Where next?!

Helen Baddeley