Impact Youth Update February 2014

Since September it’s been a really exciting time meeting with the young people on Tuesday evenings,

 This term we, as a team, have felt to focus on the whole area of worship, not just with our lips, but as a lifestyle given over to worship. So far Helen, Matt and myself have spoken on the different aspects of worship and next week Simon will be coming to speak on the tabernacle of David.

 I am ever in awe at the quality and gifting of the young musicians that surround us in our church – the worship times on a Tuesday evening have been outstanding. Matt Venn has really given himself to serve these guys and help them in their giftings, he’s been such an amazing blessing. Here is his report on the Impact worship teams:

Andrew Baddeley

Over the past few months it has been my absolute privilege to work with the Impact worship teams.

We have 2 “bands” led by Sophie Clowrey & Matt Littlewood and we operate 2 weeks on/2 weeks off.

Each week we arrive an hour before to practise but the songs have already been chosen the week before so individuals can prepare at home before hand.

The end result is that they are confident with the songs they are playing so they can relax & enjoy themselves instead of worrying about what to play & when. Also, as they are playing with the same people every time it allows them to get to know each other better both socially & musically.

These guys really know how to get into His presence & every week the Holy Spirit turns up and we all find ourselves in a beautiful time of worship.

I encourage every member of the team to practise their instrument at home (including their voice) so that they come to each meeting prepared & practised. This really makes a difference & the guys are all very diligent in this area.

One of the most characteristic features of the Impact worship teams is that there is absolutely no ego in any of them. They are all about encouraging each other & listening to what the rest of the band is playing so they can “fit in” rather than just “add more”.

Basically, as I said at the start, I feel privileged to be part of the new sound that is coming out of Impact youth worship and while they are learning some stuff from me I’m learning so much more from them.

Watch this space!…

Matt Venn

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