Trip to India March 2014

photo (6)It feels like I never learn! Yet again I had to sort out my visa at the last minute; even in my mistake the Lord used it for good because when I picked up my visa at the agency which I used, the Indian lady asked for prayer and gave her life to the Lord and was filled with the Holy Spirit. Amazing!

After fourteen hours travelling, I finally arrived at Delhi Airport at 4 am to be picked up by Raymond and driven at speed to the Himalayas; a nine hour trip, 3 ½ hours of which was up mountain roads. Quite a challenge! On arrival we had a couple of hours rest and then went straight into the church meeting pastored by Rajeev, who had been profoundly touched on my last trip in October ’13. They had been enjoying an outpouring of the Holy Spirit since then and I had been looking forward to being with them. I was not disappointed; the love and presence of God was profound and for the next two days we just rock n’ rolled with the gospel as God poured mercy and love amongst them; even tiny children were filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. It’s not unusual for these meetings to last for six or seven hours.

This part of the Himalayas is renowned for Hindu pilgrimages; there are temples everywhere. The prophecy came whilst we were there that no longer would it be known for Hindu pilgrimage but rather people would come to them from all over to find the Lord. It was hard to stop prophesying whilst with them.


We then returned back down the mountain on Saturday afternoon to be in Raymond’s meeting for the Sunday.

The same thing was happening with Raymond’s people and the Hindu families who had come to the Lord on my last visit were all there and they had brought other family members who were also coming to know the Lord; their faces were radiant.

After the Sunday morning meeting we were having lunch together and a young man came up to me and said: ‘ I was a Hindu and came to the Lord about two years ago. This morning I brought my mother to the meeting for the first time. She was touched by the Spirit and had an encounter with the Lord Jesus, and she would like to become a Christian’. I checked out her story and then led her to the Lord there and then. She received the Holy Spirit in a beautiful way. It was a real privilege to be involved.

On Monday, we took the sleeper train (an interesting experience!) to Tony Anthony’s leaders’ conference in Lucknow. I had the opportunity to share and pray with many, who were touched by the love of God in a new way. Tony Anthony’s sister-in-law, whom God had healed on our last visit, was there; she was doing well. I am trying to persuade her to come to our ministry school at Lox Lane for three weeks. She would take it all back to India.

After the conference we returned to Delhi for another four days

I think the most impressive thing for me in those days was the spirit of prayer that came on a group of them. They travail for hours at a time and I am sure this why there is so much fruit. Some of the families who were touched on my last visit have continued to grow and see many other members of their families come to the Lord since.

One dear lady, who was a Sikh with a Hindu husband, has seen here marriage restored, her brother, two children and sister-in-law all saved. The sister-in-law said our whole family has been rescued and restored, and they acknowledged that it was Jesus who had made all the difference. The mother said, with tears in her eyes, the winter is past and the springtime has come.

I look forward, God willing, to going back again to get involved with all that is going on.