March 2014

Andrew and Simon Baddeley recently travelled to the Czech Republic on a mission trip and were able to spend time ministering to many people there – this is their report of some of the amazing things that God did!


A few weeks ago I had a dream about the Czech Republic which I believe was from The Lord. The essence of the dream was that the people of the Czech Republic were on the verge of a major awakening. I felt so stirred by this and knew we needed to go and connect with the different churches again.

Simon and I flew into Brno at about 3.45pm, where we met Jimmy and pastor Voytek, they drove us straight to the hospital in Brno where we prayed for a young man who is part of the church we were going to be speaking at that evening. Jarek is a man in his thirties who had recently been complaining of pains in his stomach. The doctors admitted him to hospital and carried out an operation where they found a lump the size of a lemon – suspected to be cancerous. We prayed with real conviction and declared healing over his life, joining with many people in the Czech Republic. Since then we have heard that he is off the pain killers, able to walk much easier and has returned home. So we continue to pray for complete healing in his body.

We ministered that evening and on the last night in Voyteks church. There was such a move of God there and many testified that they were healed, it was so encouraging and faith building. One of the testimonies of healing came from a word of knowledge for someone who had problems with their knee! A man responded who obviously had difficulties walking and we found out that he was suffering with arthritis in his knees. So we prayed and commanded the pain to leave, tears started rolling down his face as the pain left him and he was able to walk normally – praise God.

The next day we drove back to Jimmy and Hulda’s house, a drive of about 2.5 hours away. Half way home on the motorway we heard this clunk click sound and the engine died. We managed to drift over to the hard shoulder and then discovered that the cambelt was hanging off the engine, those of you who know anything about engines will understand that this will require a complete engine rebuild! Several hours later we were able to get a breakdown company to tow us back to Pardubice, thankfully we managed to borrow a car for the rest of our trip. That evening we ministered at the Word of Life church which is lead by Pastor Pavel, there was such an expectancy and hunger amongst the people here, for God to move and breakout in the Czech Republic. It felt like there was a spirit of revival everywhere…… We came back and spoke at this church on the Sunday morning and afternoon as well, again God broke out in so much power it was very exciting!


As Andrew has said, this was an exciting time. There was a high level of expectancy among the people. From Brno, to Pardubice to Prague, people were being healed, prophetic words were being released and people were being set free. The last night in particular had an usual sense of Gods presence, such that I could truly say that the power of the Lord was there to heal the sick (Luke 5:17), and that is exactly what happened. From football injuries to arthritis, God was healing people. I have seen many healings in Africa and India but it was very encouraging to see healings in a European nation!

We had the privilege on the Saturday afternoon and evening to minister to a group of thirty or so people in Prague who lead the street ministry that happens in Wenceslas Square every week. We met at a large house in the middle of a park in the middle of Prague, owned by a Marek and Elaine, some may remember they visited us in the UK a few weeks ago. We felt God saying amongst other things that the house was a sanctuary for the lost and a place of refuge – both words were confirmation of words previously spoken.

As we worshipped together God began to release prophetic words to all who came, many were encouraged, and those who were dry were refreshed and revived. Many were saying how they felt like they had a new lease of life for ministry; it was encouraging to see their hunger.

Whilst in the Czech Republic I was reminded of the Moravians and how they influenced both John Wesley and George Whitfield, who along with Charles Wesley were key players in the Great Awakening of the 1700’s. I then began to think about the famous 100 year prayer meeting that the Moravians were part of under the leadership of Count Zinzendorf. It felt that part of the gracing on the Czech people ( Moravia is in the Czech Republic ) was for revival and awakening and to be a catalyst for others, there seemed to be a witness to this as I shared it.

Jimmie and Hulda were a great blessing to us during our visit. Jimmie shared his testimony at various meetings and ministered alongside us. It felt that their hard work in the Czech Republic was beginning to pay off.

In summary – the Kingdom of God came and we had the privilege of God using us to speak into peoples lives and see people set free, both physically and emotionally, hearts revived and vision restored – thank you for all your prayers!