Sandra with her daughter Amy

Sandra with her daughter Amy


On the 10th May Sandra Taylor, Flor White and Stella Rhodes are flying to Haiti with the charity Bright Tomorrows. For Flor and Stella it will be a return trip to this earthquake stricken country but for Sandra it will be her first mission trip and she shares here how this came about;

I did actually have a picture from the Lord after Mandy had first gone off with Janice and the Sacred Flame team on a mission trip, which is now 7 or 8 years ago. In the picture I was standing at the front of church with Mandy, presumably going off somewhere, but my words were “I would sit over there and think well some one has to stay at home” when I watched people going off on travels.

Several years later I was asked to do the catering for a Bright Tomorrows charity ball here in Shaftesbury. The following year I was asked to do a second charity ball and, as I answered, out of my mouth came “yes if you take me with you next time you go to Haiti!” Well it has taken two years for it to happen but I am off to Haiti along with Stella Rhodes and Flor White. I can not begin to imagine how God has worked this out but I am going to Haiti, very excited!

The charity supports an orphanage with 84 children which, as some may know, was built by members of the church after the earthquake. I could say that I really do not know why I am going but my feeling is to love the kids and I imagine that they have very little, so to provide a new out fit for each of them would be a gift. Tee-shirts, tops, shorts and dresses for all ages from babies to 16/17 year old boys & girls, then Stella is looking towards health care so tooth brushes tooth paste flannels and soap.

We fly on the 10th May so the 9th is when we shall be frantically squeezing items into suitcases so any donations before that time would be very welcome.
We will only be away for one week but I have my hopes! The poem, well there are times when I say things in rhyme and this was one of them. Many thanks

Sandra May

After speaking to Ken & been given this time

I  immediately thought I should do it in rhyme.

with my pen in hand I set to the task

To remember all the things to ask.


But a while back now a picture I had,

I was standing here with Mandy looking quite glad.

“Someone has to stay at home” I did say

As I watched over years, people, who were going away.


Well, God has his plans – to put in place,

Now I’m off to Haiti, with a very large suitecase.

I am looking to fill it with outfits galore.

There’s myself & Stella, and we are going with Flor.


Bright Tomorrows the charity it is called.

Amy & I have cooked for their balls.

To bless us & put smiles on faces

Please help us to fill all our suitecases.


It’s tea shirts, dresses tops & shorts,

Clothes for the orphans of summery sorts.

Tooth paste, tooth brushes, flannels & soap.

These are the items for which we hope.


Crayons & pencils, small cuddly toys,

There are 84 children, girls and boys.

Sheets old or spare would be good to boot,

For Stella will make bed draw sheets, not a parachute.


Our requests are quite urgent, as time flies by,

The 10th of May is the date we fly.

I am really excited, perhaps you can tell.

At clear signs Matt would ring his bell.


Some people have asked me, what will you do,

I will love the children and honour a few.

A song a dance well no plans set,

Quite clearly God has not finished with me yet.


Please bring things to church or to our doors,

As always it is, for a good course.

Don’t dilly or dally but be in a hurry.

We will take it to Haiti with love from Shaftesbury.