street pastors 2Many of you here at Fathers House will know Jean Maggs, who lives in Paulton, and who has had connections with the church here for many years. Jean has been involved in ‘Street Pastoring’ in her local area and wanted to share some of the amazing things that God is doing through this ministry.

Street Pastors are volunteers from local churches working as part of a team to be a caring presence and a listening ear to people who may need it, helping people to stay safe while they are out, often late at night.

To find out more about what a Street Pastor is follow the link at the end of this article.

Jean says;

I know the Lord is always doing things for us in our lives and I would just like to share some of the things He has done in the lives of Street Pastors and in the Street Pastor’s arena.  So on behalf of all 26 of us:-

Over the past few months we have heard of Ryan and his team saving an 18 year old lads life (he had a heart problem and is now healed) along with real care being given to another guy too.  We have heard of people amazed by the work of Street Pastors and heard of many miracles through the work of Street Pastors, we have heard of several fights stopped by the power of prayer and potentially many people saved from at least one night in jail.  As a consequence there is a real saving of government and tax payers’ money and our particular area therefore not being post coded as a high risk, dangerous area, resulting ultimately in a reduction in insurance premiums, i.e. prosperity to our area.


Through the work of Street Pastors in this area there has been a reduction in street brawls therefore a reduction in the strain on the health service and therefore again a potential blessing to the country as a whole.


Prayer for healing has been in abundance. One particular healing was of the son of a local taxi driver diagnosed with a brain tumor. The family were told that it could only be operated on and that the operation would render him blind and unable to know when to eat or sleep. Now consultants have said he does not need to be seen again for a year.


The power of God on the streets causes many to literally run towards it, welcome it in many varied ways, through troubles shared, loneliness averted for a while, genuine care felt and for others the power of God shown in the midst of their fear and/or disdain of same.

THAT’S  MY  JESUS   ( no half measures)

The power of God to Street Pastors who didn’t know they could live with this much lack of sleep!  Mary who prayed aloud for the first time in her life in a group setting, Elizabeth who has shown a boldness that astounds us all and who has found her God in a new way through it all.


And the power of God to all other Street Pastors who have had a great time never knowing that five hours could go by so eventfully and quickly.


There have been tears on the streets, there has been laughter on the streets, there has been anger on the streets, but most of all there has been love on the streets.


We still keep on praising           –          God is amazing