Back on the 7th May we had a ‘Family Time’ in order to communicate/update on some of the things that are happening in different areas of church life at Fathers House. Here are some brief summaries of the things talked about;

Andrew and Helen Baddeley

Andrew and Helen Baddeley

Andrew  & Helen Baddeley talked about Impact Youth

As Louis and Beth were embarking on their trip to America and their role had come to an end as youth leaders, Helen and I had been feeling inspired to put together a team to carry on the success of the youth work here at the Fathers House.
Its been amazing how the team has come together over the last two terms with passionate gifted leaders who have dedicated themselves to invest into the lives of our young people. So Matt Venn has come on board to concentrate on coaching the musicians within the youth, as you will be aware during the last 3 Sundays the youth have been leading worship and its been fantastic, so much anointing and gifting. Matt has truly done an amazing job in bringing out the excellence in the young people. Jo Pulford, Emily and Richard Bingham who equally are very gifted and enthusiastic at relating to the youth – what a blessing!! Philippa has also been helping, unfortunately not been able to get along on a Tuesday night because of work commitments. However Simon and Philippa will be heading up our group going to Soul Survivor this year.
So far on a Tuesday evening we have given much focus on our times of worship, feeling that this is such an essential part of our core value as a church. So our vision is to create an environment and style which is individual to their relating to find God. We have 2 worship bands who play for 2 weeks and then have 2 weeks break. One of the team will speak for one week and then we will break down into small groups to discuss the subject preached on. This is an idea of what areas we have been focusing on: worship, healing, prophetic, discipleship and honour. Next term we are planning to do a Youth Alpha course.

I really would appreciate your prayers for the team and the young people, thank-you. Andrew

Simon Baddeley talked about several areas that he is involved in;

LDP (Leadership development Program)

LDP is a 12-month distance learning course from Bethel church. We recognise that they have developed a culture within which they are seeing the Kingdom of God manifest consistently and we want to learn more from them. Some of the subjects covered are joy, honor, risk, faith, the supernatural and more. There are a group within the church on the course and we anticipate doing it again so there will be other opportunities.

Healing on the streets

We have been running healing on the streets for the last 3 years. Every Saturday morning during the Spring and Summer months a team from the Fathers House and St Peters go out onto the streets and pray for the sick, it is an excellent way to get out into the community and see the Kingdom of God come into peoples lives. If you would like to get involved come and see Simon or Andrew.

Naturally Supernatural

We started a course last year called Naturally Supernatural. It is a training course to equip us in our reaching out into the community. It is a very practical course, teaching about healing, prophecy and living supernaturally every day in the situations that we face.

RTF – Restoring the foundations

We have a team of people trained in single issue RTF ministry. We recognise that circumstances and situations in life can cause us to get ‘stuck’ and have found that RTF is an effective tool in dealing with these things. If you would like to receive ministry in this area please come and see Simon or Caroline.

Heather Ford talked about Freedom in Christ

We have been really pleased to be able to offer Freedom in Christ here at Fathers House as a discipleship course. A group of us have for some time been very keen to be involved in discipleship and whilst we know that discipleship is more than doing one course, it is good to have that as a solid foundation for new and ‘old’ Christains!
The team so far, headed up by myself, comprises Helen Beecham, Deane Gardner, Irvine and Chris Carcary and Barry and Vivienne Edwards, and in our training times together we have personally found the course very helpful. Pam Grosvenor is also part of the team but was unable to do the course with us this time.
Freedom in Christ’s main challenge is to change our beliefs by renewing our minds as we respond to the love of God (Romans 12 v 2) The course is divided into sections, with a group of 15 from our church currently going through it, and amazingly all have stayed the course for 7 sessions apart from 1 who had a baby after session 5!

Aspects dealt with are;
Where did I come from?
Who am I now?
Choosing to believe the truth about ourselves
Understanding the battle we are in – against the world, the flesh and the devil
Knowing how powerful we are through the victory Jesus has won for us
Breaking the hold of the past
Handling our emotions well
Walking in freedom every day

As a team we have enjoyed working together and we are aiming to run another course in the Autumn. Feedback forms have all said that they would recommend the course to others in the church – so watch out!!

Ken Ford talked about communication

It was 2 years ago that we acknowledged that communication has not always been as strong as it might be in the church, and we set ourselves the task of developing a more rounded communication culture.

Since then a group of us has been meeting regularly to work on our communication – we’re not ‘there’ yet, but we hope you’ll feel we’ve made some progress.

The four main ‘formal’ channels of communication we currently have are:

Weekly newsheet – danger is that we flick through it quickly just as the meeting is starting, and because a lot of the information is familiar we don’t give it a lot of attention. We’d encourage you to take it home, have another look later in the day and transfer relevant information into your diary (You can get the newsheet by email – let Dawn know if you’d like to be added to the list)

The House newspaper – You’re reading this already! News of all the different aspects of the life of the church, with reports, photos and video clips. Please speak to Helen if you have any contributions for The House.

Facebook – The church has its own facebook group (see Dawn or Simon to join). Its great for sharing urgent prayer needs, bits of news, upcoming events, family trivia and robust theological debate!

Fathers House website – Still a work in progress as we look at the best way to keep it right up to date. Let us know if there’s any information not currently on the website that you’d find helpful.

Two final words – feedback – let us know about the things that are a blessing and encouraging you, and anything that you’re concerned about. Questions – they’re the most effective tools we have in communication – if you’re not sure about something, ask!

47413_10201476432611479_426517633_nHelen Croud talked about her work with CAP (Christians against poverty) and the Foodbank

I get really excited when sharing about Christians against Poverty, Foodbank and the other emergency aid we are providing for vulnerable people in our community. I get excited because we really are making a difference in peoples lives. We have an amazing family here at Fathers House and I feel that it’s time to bring the orphans from our community into this wonderful family.

My main point at the Family Time was to highlight to everyone the main resources we have available to help people – these are CAP and Foodbank. On average we are giving out three emergency parcels a week (I hope this highlights the need) and we are also meeting with one new family every week to help them through debt issues.

I have been so blessed by the support I have received from my church family, however I would still love to see more, there are so many people asking for our help that it would be great to have more volunteers to get out there and meet with them. There are loads of ways to get involved, if you would like more information please give me a ring or email me. My details are in the church directory or on the notice sheet.

1597678_217929138392915_300969126_oAlistair Angus talked about the church finances

We make no apologies for talking about money!

This last year has seen many improvements – new and revamped toilets (and what a great job Barry and Vivienne did!), new PA, a transformation in the dining room to a meeting room. All these have been covered by gifts, the majority of which were received in the previous year. We took up a £50,000 loan to pay for the long overdue renovation work on the cottage and to provide for a Garden Room at Lox Lane.

Our overseas giving has continued. Last year we gave almost £19,500 to various ministries that we have personal connections with.

Over the years many people have blessed the church here by tithing on their inheritances, their lump sums and other large gifts. Last year was unusually low but in the previous year there had been an abundance of these gifts! If we take out these large tithes, the previous years tithes were down by about £14000 or £1150 per month. The gap has been met by using the Gift Aid to cover the shortfall.

I know that the majority of people are very generous and some are sacrificially so – with our time, with our talents, with our prayers and with the financial provision that God gives to us. We are all Gods provision.

The accounts are fully audited. Those for the year to 31st March 2013 are online or I can show them to you. Those to 31st March this year are well advanced. If you want to ask me any questions please do so.


Clive Jackson and Annie Powell also shared a lot about their renewed vision for Lox Lane, the renovation and building work that has been happening and their excitement for the future of this wonderful resource. We hope to bring you a separate report on this soon!