Flor Sandra and Stella

Written by Flor White

On the 10 of May Stella, Sandra and myself embarked on another adventure to Haiti.
I was so exited to be able to go back to a country that has been part of my life for more than 20 years! And more exited to be traveling with two such beautiful and inspiring women as Stella and Sandra. What a privilege!
Before we left I kept on telling the girls about the very harsh conditions we were going to face from the very moment we landed in the airport and the conditions of our accommodation (the last time I went to Haiti, the accommodation was… Interesting!). I needed them to be ready for a harsh trip and an emotionally demanding week ahead of us.
To our surprise we stayed with Pastor Nicolas and his family. We had a room, with beds and a toilet and a shower (even if we didn’t always have water) it was like a 5 star hotel, compared with the accommodation on my previous trips to Haiti! How grateful we were.
The reason for my trips to Haiti are very simple, not only on behalf of the Charity Bright Tomorrows, which supports some orphans since the earthquake of 2010, but also to see how the children are doing and see other ways in which we can help further in the future.
Haiti is a nation with many many orphans, and without help, love and care, there is a little hope for a change for thousands of children. Just being there in the orphanage and witnessing first hand how the children are doing, the level of care and love they are receiving, hearing their stories and their very sad past and uncertain futures made me more determined to be a voice for those who can’t speak! Certainly not everything is done the way we here at home we would do it. There is a huge need for a better level of care. Love is almost unknown for many many of them, yes their only hope is The Lord but I believe The Lord has put me and the charity in this nation for a reason. We want to help fifty of those children to go to school, to have the chance of an education, to have the chance for a better tomorrow.
Remember I’m talking about orphans who have no one to look after them, apart from Pastor Nicolas and his family… Can I walk away, thinking it’s too much for us, or too much responsibility?… No! I can’t, not after having seen their faces and been with them, seen their hunger and the need. I also see the present where I feel The Lord is saying ‘with Him nothing is impossible!’  There are many good changes going on in Haiti, and I want to invite you to be part of the change in lives of these beautiful children.

Please feel free to ask me how. 😉

Sandra cooking  Haiti - children around table   Stella with child     poking out tongues     flor serving food