JuanitaSome thoughts on dealing with grief – written by Juanita Brough

Soon after becoming a Christian in 1989 my mum died and years later my eldest nephew died aged 12.

At the end of 2013 an uncle, my Dad and his sister, my aunt, all died within 6 weeks of each other.

Although as a Christian I believe that they have gone somewhere better and that one day we will meet up again in Spirit, I was still struggling. Even knowing all that, grief is still painful to those left behind.

Through my own process of grief I have ended up writing down some thoughts around the loss of someone dear to us and I hope in sharing these thoughts, and two poems, the words may help others who are going through a similar process.


Thoughts On Grief

It hurt so much,
when you had gone;
never to be seen again!

It hurts so much,
you’re just not there;
to come along and share.

What things we did,
what thoughts we shared;
what life we lived together!

Now gone!……..
Time to move on?
The memories to treasure.

                                                                                                                          4th June 2014


Grief is like an arrow
cutting deep into the heart;
it numbs us momentarily,
then the tears, they fall as rain.

Grief is like an arrow
cutting deep into the heart;
but Jesus love is with us,
He holds us in His arms.


When someone goes completely from this world

The life we shared,
the love we shared;
when someone’s gone,
the love lives on!

The love we shared never dies,
it lives on through Eternity.

The memory of times;
happy and sad,
the good, the bad,
the things we shared together.

The memories……..
are a testimony to the love
which was forged here on earth.

The investment of love,
is so, so special,
it does not end with death.

Their spirit lives on,
still loving us,
hoping one day,
we’ll meet again
….in our Eternal home.

                                                                                                                             2013 – 2014