Andy & Linda East

Andy & Linda East

Written by Andy East

On 23rd May, Linda and I travelled to Lifegate Community Church in Encinitas, near San Diego in Southern California. This was our third visit to this small Oceanside community church.

The leader, Bill Burkhardt, had asked us to come over and share with them what the Father had instilled into us regarding the healed heart, and how to better know God as Father. Bill has been a friend for 10 years.

This was essentially a networking trip with some organized shared meals with the fellowship, and opportunities to minister to individuals and visit with couples in their homes. Linda preached on the first Sunday – sharing her life message about how to move from shame to a place of honour. The effect was dynamic. It turned out that it was the very message that was needed to “seed” every heart with a hunger to know more of the Father’s love for them.

The second Sunday was a wonderful time of prophetic worship as hearts responded to the message of freedom. Preaching was not required, but just a time of blessing.

Lifegate is a small (less than 100) group of passionate worshippers who yearn for more of the Father’s love, to be established in the truths that set people free, and to be established as a centre for healing in the San Diego area.

Their “DNA” is absolutely compatible with ours at Father’s House and we feel a strong sense of cross-pollination between the two church families.

Bill wanted to say a huge “thank you” to Father’s House Shaftesbury for allowing us to carry FHS’s cultural DNA over to them in Southern California. Although you were not with us, in a very real sense, you were.

Please pray for them if God lays them on your heart. They are dear to us. Do look them up here:

Linda and I feel so privileged to be able to be friends to them on their journey to becoming all that God wants them to be. As the Lord allows, we will be returning in the autumn to help them model the “encounter weekend” concept so they can run with the vision themselves.

We are so appreciative of you, our home church family, for maintaining such a love for the Father and hosting the anointing for healing broken hearts. We can only give away what we carry – and we carry the culture of home.

Andy & Linda East.