It has now been nearly 4 years since the first Eagles Wings (school of the heart) was run at Lox Lane in September 2010 (see previous article from August 2013 for more details of how this began) Since then many people from many different churches and nations have come through the 3 week course and have stories of being profoundly changed and having had their hearts healed.

I was blessed to be able spend a few hours one day on a recent school, experiencing the atmosphere and talking to some of the people involved, and can honestly say that I was immediately struck, on entering the meeting room at Lox Lane, that there is an atmosphere of warmth and safety, and of close relationships having been built. I know that David and Faith have been careful to create this very safe environment in which the Holy Spirit can flow and in which those who may feel tender and vulnerable can be so loved.


“We teach a lot about the Father and what he is like. Often peoples picture of the Father comes out of their past experiences; which can be negative and so it is really important to have the right picture of the Father. We also teach on how to get your heart healed; many of the topics are similar to those touched on at Encounter weekends but we find that having 3 weeks to ‘step back’ and allow the Lord to reveal areas that need healing and beliefs that need to change is really helpful.
On the last week of the school we talk about how Gods heart is for us to effect the world around us. When we know the Fathers heart fully and have our own hearts healed we can be effective in modelling this to the world. He also wants us to be a creative influence on the world.”


“When we came back here from Skipton after 10 years of being away from Shaftesbury I felt displaced, I wondered what my role would be. Then on the way to Bath one day to visit my daughter, I got a call from Faith. I knew of Faith and David but didn’t know them well; Faith asked me if I would help out on an Eagles Wings school; I said yes straight away and this is now my 9th school. I can honestly say that I am never happier than when doing the schools. To meet people at the beginning of the course and then see them encounter God and to witness the changes that take place in them is a privilege. I love it!”

“We have people from all nations attending the school; in fact on one school we had 7 different nations represented! We have a group of 35 from a church in Venezuela (a church that Flor has close connections with) who are interested in coming on the next Eagles Wings school. The testimony of one lady from that church attending a school and the witness of how it changed her has prompted the pastor to send others over!”


Richard Atkinson“This is the 2nd Eagles Wings that I have been on, the first one was about 18 months/2 years ago. I only planned to pop in for a couple days but it has turned out to be probably one of the most profound times of my life because of what God has brought to the surface; I spent Thursday and Friday of the first week in tears and I have ended up being down here for every day of the school!
When God brought the particular issue to the surface it made so much sense in my life and it’s something that had been there all my life. I would recommend everyone to do the school and not to be afraid to come back. The thing I always try to have in my heart with this stuff is a YES! You can wait for God to bring things up or you can put yourself in His hands and make the choice to say yes.”
Richard is planning to share a little bit more one Sunday about what God has done.

(Debbie flew over from the USA to attend the school)

“I first heard about the Eagles Wings (school of the heart) through a mutual friend of Paul & Michelle Gaskin; then one day when I was on my way to Africa someone prophecied over me the word ‘school’. I wasn’t sure what it meant at the time but gradually felt prompted to come over here. Even as I booked the flight and got on to the plane I felt quite apprehensive; but as soon as David & Faith started ministering I knew I was meant to be here!

Back home there were a couple of issues that I just couldn’t seem to get free of; one day on the school we were asked to share a situation that we knew needed to change and we were encouraged to prophecy over each other. I received some really great words of prophecy and encouragement. As I shared I found myself saying “God is a God of restoration”. I realised that I had made some judgements and as I released and forgave the chains came off!”


“This is the 2nd time I have been on the school. It’s a place of love and security. I never felt truly safe until I came here; and it’s a place I didn’t want to leave!”


David & Faith Dalley, who run the Eagles Wings schools, have a ministry which focuses on helping people to encounter the Fathers love. To read more about their ministry visit their website at

David & Faith