Monica, Emanuel and their daughter Ruth

Monica, Emanuel and their daughter Ruth

Many of you will know and remember Emmanuel and Monica from Ghana; ten years ago we bought him a 4 x 4 to enable him to get about and travel out to the outlying village churches. Finally it has come to the end of its life and it is not economically viable to repair it. As Emmanuel says, it keeps saying to him: ‘Let me go and rest with my fathers’ !

We are looking to get him another vehicle: it has to be a 4 x 4 and left-hand drive, less than ten years old. Andrew Baddeley has done some research and thinks we can probably do it for about £7,000. If anyone feels they are able and would like to help with this it would be a real blessing. Please see one of us in the office.

As he hasn’t currently got any ‘wheels’ we would like to move this forward and want to do it in September.

Many thanks for whatever you can do.