As many of you will know we launched a ‘pilot’ Freedom in Christ course earlier this year with a group of 15 people.

(You can take a look at this previous article for more details

We have just come to the end of the course, with all 15 still on aboard – thank you so much for your commitment everyone!

It has been a great time of meeting together, learning together and growing together!

Here are a few things that some of the ‘delegates’ had to say about Freedom in Christ;

“It was powerful – similar to our Encounter weekends in the things we talked about. I found the discussion groups really helpful and so nice to get to know new people”

“I found the course very helpful. It helped me deal with stuff that happened a long time ago and move on. It was also nice to be with people I knew I could trust, to know that I could talk about things and it wouldn’t leave the room. There was a book that came with the course and it has been useful to carry on reading this at home”

“Being on the Freedom in Christ course has shown me some of the areas where I have believed the wrong thing and stuff that I need to get rid of! It has given me tools to move on. One of the main things, though, has been in forgiving others and not holding grudges. I would recommend the course for everyone!”

There is a new Freedom in Christ course planned for the autumn, which will start on 5th October, and which is already full! We are really looking forward to getting to know a new group of people!

Even though the next course is full please do let Heather or Helen know if you are interested as our aim is to run Freedom in Christ regularly in the church, as a way of equipping all of us to become disciples AND to give us the tools to disciples others.

Helen Beecham