paul_simonWe are going to Asia, and in particular to a country that Open Doors lists in it’s top 20 places where persecution of Christians is most severe. Because of the sensitive nature of the mission we don’t want to mention the countries name online though if you speak to us we will tell you!

Why are we going? To encourage the Church and the people God has given us relationships with in the nation. God is moving in this land, and it sometimes seems to be His way to send people from other places to bring the encouragement the people on the ground desperately need.

We feel we need to make the most of this opportunity as entry to this nation is by invitation only and invitations don’t come very often!

What are we asking?
There are two things that we need….the first is prayer and the second is finance.

Prayer – please pray for our protection, smooth transit through airports and our interaction with governmental agencies. We have to register with the government when we enter the country so they can monitor what we are doing! Please pray for divine appointments, and a breakout in healing (I have felt particularly that God wants to release an anointing for healing whilst we are there). Please pray for health…the food can have powerful effects of your body!! Please pray for our families at home.

Finance – the majority of our missions are self funded, but the nature of the country that we are going to means that there are higher than normal costs in visas, airfares and accommodation. For example, the government want us to stay in their approved hotels, and the want us to do certain activities whilst in the country, so to not draw too much attention to ourselves we need to comply whilst doing that which we believe God is sending us to do.

Please pray and please give as the Lord directs you. If you want to give online, please follow this link

God bless you!