Tabernacle Public School was founded on 27th April 2011 by Pastor Raymond Massey. Initially the school started in the church hall of Assembly of Believers Church in Gurgaon. After three months, by Gods grace the school moved to a rented building. Around 50 children were given admission at that time. For 12 months the school worked as an evening school. From April 2012 the school has been functioning as a regular morning school.

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The main aim of this organisation is to impart education to children who are under-privileged. Besides good education the school aims to give love, care and good moral values to the children. The children come from a background where even the basic necessities are not available. The parents of these children are generally labourers, vegetable vendors and junk dealers or are working  as maids in the nearby area. The school contributes in making them feel loved, prays for them and gives them a loving environment. Children from age 3 to 15 years attend the school.

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School starts everyday with the Morning Prayer and a few words of blessing by the teachers. Moral education is a must along with social studies and other subjects. Teachers also help them out with English as a subject.

The school is not only concerned with the children but also meet their parents, and especially their mothers, regularly. The mothers are talked to about cleanliness in the home, the major factors to be taken note of in the upbringing of their children and lastly to be very serious in imparting good habits and good moral values in the children. We believe this is important as the right environment at home is necessary for a child’s personal development.

The school has been growing ever since by the grace of God. Presently we have 115 students attending the school. Last year 6 students cleared 5th standard and are now continuing their studies in government or private schools. One of our the goals for the future is to make Tabernacle Public School a senior secondary school.

A more immediate goal, however, is our Feed the Hungry programme. Many of our students come to school undernourished. This is because their parents leave for work so early in the morning that the children only get one meal a day, late in the evening, when their parents return from work. As a result the children have difficulty in learning and concentrating on studies throughout the day.

To feed one student a healthy, nutritious meal every day for a month would cost £25.

The school is primarily supported by the church. The major expenses are the rent of the building and the teachers remuneration. The help and support provided from various sources will go a long way in fulfilling the work of promoting the education of under-privileged children. The motto of the school is ‘Arise and Shine’ and with support this vision of imparting good education can be fulfilled.

If you feel led to support Raymond and the work he is doing at Tabernacle school please contact Fathers House Shaftesbury at Christy’s Lane, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 8PH, which you can do by using the link below;