‘In Stitches’ Exhibition – August 2014

Written by Tricia Venn

In the summer Joyce Deaville and Tricia Venn held their fourth joint Exhibition at Shaftesbury Arts Centre.

Joyce creates gossamer fine shawls, knitting with 1 ply Shetland wool, each taking many hours to complete. Tricia’s hand embroidered pictures of flower studies and landscapes evoke the beauty of colour and light in creation.

Joyce's scarf           trish's pics


Our hope and vision is that through the Exhibition we are able to present work that reflects the beauty and wonder of the Creator, bringing a sense of peace and order to the lives of those who visit the Arts Centre.

The following are quotes written in our comments book by some of those visitors:

‘Beautiful, delicate and desirable’.

‘What can I say, words are not enough. Absolutely beautiful.’

‘Fantastic shawls! Exquisitely beautiful’.

‘Stunning! All of it so breath taking, particularly considering the intricate stitchery’.