In April of last year I felt God give me a vision. After I had written it down I thought it would be interesting to see what it would look like if someone tried to paint it. I gave part of the word to Marg, who produced the painting that many of you have been asking about.

Simon Baddeley

“I called forth the eagles, I whistled and I could see them coming across the sky, from all directions. As they got here I could see that they started to circle, going higher and higher they were singing how I would imagine monk choristers to sing. The words daily rhythms came to mind, there is something of order that they bring, that we need. They were circling and going higher, not all of them came from outside, some were here already, some only realised they were eagles when they saw what was happening and realised that is who they were, on seeing the eagles it is like they looked at themselves and realised their calling.

There was order to their pressing in. One would take the lead, and then another, there was a formation, as they got higher, I could see the sky reacting, that is the atmosphere around, but they locked themselves in position and I could see that their singing and order became stronger. As much as the atmosphere raged against them so they sang louder and flew in a more determined manner. They came to a point where the eagles and the atmosphere were directly opposing each other. At that moment a white light came through the clouds. Like lightning in a storm that shines through the clouds, the whole sky lit up and I saw a hole open in the clouds and for the first time I saw blue sky. I could hear the word ‘portal’ being said and it felt like heaven began to move, somehow the pressing in had released something in heaven. It felt like this was established and the words came to me, ‘lasting inheritance’. It was like heaven was establishing a structure to do with the portal.

The eagles were still flying, though not as intensely as they were before the breakthrough. Some went off to other places, but came back. They went like the dove from the ark with olive branches to share something of the oil that God had released.

On the ground below the portal I could see green hills and olive trees, lots of them and people harvesting the olives and pressing them. The oil was being sold. I know the money was being used for the body and the portal, but I could not see a building in place or any man to whom it was given.

Below them in the valley I could see a river, where people were washing clothes, there were some who were assigned to stay there and as others came near and washed they would share the gospel with them and point to the portal. Many believed. Others just came because they knew it was there. I could see blind people coming, who had seen it in the Spirit and had followed where they had been led. They were physically healed. There were great piles of wheel chairs and sticks and magazines and items of perverse use that people had disposed of as they had been healed. I could see people coming who whilst sitting under the portal had a clear mind, like Nebuchadnezzar’s mind was cleared after the seven times of madness.

I could see songbirds with the eagles, they didn’t fly for long periods of time but they would fly with the eagles, under their protection, when they go high they would sing their songs, as they did the skies would light up and it would start to rain gold and light. Their songs had life and as they left their mouths they would travel through the air, they would find someone on whom they could land. That person would the make their way towards the camp and they would change their clothes and join the people.

The daily rhythms keep resounding as I look at this vision.”


Margs painting