Written by Richard Atkinson

On the Sunday 21st of September Paul Skelton, Andrew Baddeley and myself flew out to the Czech Republic with the hope of taking God’s love out onto the streets in the form of praying for people to be healed.

We left the gorgeous sunshine of an English afternoon and traded it for a monsoon like deluge in Prague. However the weather couldn’t dampen the warmth of the welcome we received from Jimmy (Bennett) and his friend Dean who was visiting from the USA.

10698561_10153245155006632_4725197605739486662_nWith the rain still pounding we headed for a hotel in the town of Neratovice and bedded down for the night.

We woke to a bright morning and shortly after finishing a hearty breakfast got to meet Pastor George and members of his church along with some of the local gypsy community. This included Peppy who although only recently saved had already been a witness to many of his own people.

We decided to split into two groups and head for different parts of town but not before Paul had given a word of knowledge, which led to Peppy being healed of a head and eye pain. The day had started well. 

IMG_9293Paul, Andrew, Dean and myself headed towards the main market square with our interpreters, Kenny and Eva.

Paul felt he had a word of knowledge about back pain for a particular lady and through our interpreter, Kenny, Paul spoke to her. Paul was correct this lady did have back pain that had stemmed from a car accident, although she was not healed there and then it was clear that she had been touch by the Holy Spirit. 


After about an hour and a half we took a short drive to a local bar and held a meeting. There were around 20 people at the meeting many coming from the local Gypsy community.

Jimmy shared his testimony and Paul spoke on healing. Everyone in the room was receptive to the message and many people were healed, with at least 3 or 4 people saved. 

IMG_9297                                        IMG_9298

Next we set off for the town of Roukosice, where pastor George lives, and shared lunch with his family and a few of his team. George’s children were home from school as, in the Czech Republic, children leave for school really early in the morning and are home by lunchtime. This break gave us a chance to get to know some of the people we were working with and pray and prophecy over them. One of the team even had his car covered in scripture.

IMG_9305                                        IMG_9301

It wasn’t long before we were off again, this time heading for a meeting in the town of Steti and, as we were beginning to find out, travelling was to be a feature of this trip.

Walking around Steti it was interesting to see the town still carried the relics from it’s communist past, there were loud speakers on every street corner. For me having never seen this before, I was instantly reminded of George Orwell’s ‘1984’ and tried to imagine what it must have been like to live under that type of oppression.

We were in Steti to take part in an early evening meeting from 5pm-7pm and I think all of us were a little surprised to find the room mainly full of children.

After some worship I spoke on forgiveness and Jimmy shared his testimony. When Jimmy asked if there was anyone who wanted to give their lives to Jesus virtually the whole room put there hands up. Paul then spoke briefly about healing and we prayed and prophecied over people. People were healed and many of the children were impacted and clearly touched by the Holy Spirit. 


Whilst excited with what the Lord had done, we were all pretty exhausted as we headed back to Roukosice. At this point we took the opportunity to enjoy a beer and some pizza, and to get to know each other a little better. One thing was becoming clear we all loved Dean.

Dean is from North Carolina and had come over for 8 weeks to help Jimmy finish his house. We found Dean to full of the Holy Spirit, wisdom, love and encouragement.

Roukosice is a beautiful city and we were kindly put up in a small flat near the market place

IMG_9310                                        IMG_9311

With another early morning start we headed for Pardubice and to Jimmy and Hulda’s house for lunch. Here we met Pastor Pavel, his wife, and also Pastor Hillario Virgo who was visiting from Panama. Our very own Janice Smith has worked with Hillario in Panama and asked us to pass on his love to her.

In Pardubice Paul led some training on healing and we headed out into the local shopping Mall, whilst we did pray for people it was also a chance for us to get to know our new colleagues. For a lot of the Czech Christians that we encountered Paul’s teaching on healing seemed to be a new concept. This showed itself in the evening meeting when the response to Paul’s ‘activations’ seemed quite slow. However, as time went on more and more of the congregation were convinced and took part. By the end of the meeting many people were enjoying ‘carpet time’ and many were healed with the Holy Spirit moving powerfully.

photo 1                                        IMG_9313

After a good night’s sleep it was time to head over to the city of Kromeriz and visit Pastor Votja and his church, this journey took us about an hour and a half. Kromeriz is quite close to the Slovak boarder. After lunch with Votja we had been invited to go and visit a member of the church whose father was in hospital. We met the family in the hospital grounds and were able to pray for this dear man. This however, wasn’t to be our only visit to this hospital today. Paul, Andrew and I left the hospital and enjoyed the sights and architecture of kromeriz

IMG_9318                   IMG_9319                      IMG_9324

It also gave us the opportunity to sample Czech confectionary, which Jimmy had highly recommended. Out of the blue Votja got a call asking if we could go back to the hospital and pray for the gentleman we had previously prayed for. The hospital required that we don protective shoe coverings and we rode the lift to the 3rd floor.

IMG_9327                                       IMG_9330

The man we had previously prayed for was in a two-bed room, so not only did we pray for him again but also for the patient in the bed next to him. It was a really powerful time.

IMG_9332Votja had told us about a man in his church who had been in a wheelchair for 8 years but had been healed of Multiple Sclerosis and other ailments. The gentleman concerned had taken his wheelchair back to hospital and just handed it in.

We got to meet him at the evening meeting and he helped us pray for many. Unlike the meeting in Pardubice the people in Votja’s church showed no hesitation in embracing God’s healing message. 

The gentleman who was in a wheelchair can be seen stood on the far right of this picture.

We got back to Prague at midnight. Andrew, Jimmy, Dean and myself had a 6am start heading into Germany whilst Paul had an evening flight back to the UK.