Crying Out. Written by Andy East

No, I am not talking about tears, but a vocal response to something that has happened to you. It comes from deep inside.

We all cry out – especially when under unrelenting pressure or confronted with an event, especially a negative one that catches us out.

We all know how this can go for those without hope in the world. The cry can be painful, pitiable and sound hopeless.  This is the cry of the orphaned ones.  How I wish this just applied to those who have not accepted Jesus, but we Christians can also speak and behave as if we were orphaned.  It should not be so!

The Apostle Paul, in several places refers to our adoption as sons or children of God.  Check out Ephesians 1:5, Galatians 4:5 and Romans 8:15.

The one who is left out or believes they are left out is left vulnerable to all sorts of fear at times of pressure or need.  Who will look after me?  Who is supporting me? Where do I belong? Who will meet my need?  When this cry arises, it is the cry of the orphan.

However, the good news is that there is another cry.  This cry is full of hope and expresses complete trust. This is the cry of the adopted one, the included one.   Paul talks about it in Romans 8:15.  It is the cry to which the Holy Spirit bears witness.  It is the cry of the child who knows where to go in times of trouble or when loneliness or fear begins to overwhelm.  And it is so simple.

“Abba, Father”.  This is the opposite cry to those who have become “…slaves again to fear”

I can remember the times when my heart did not understand how loved I was, and how nothing happens that my loving Father does not know about, and that he has everything under control. But, thank God, there are also the many times when instead of crying out like an orphan, his grace has enabled me to simply look to heaven and cry: “Daddy – what are we doing here? I know you have got my back and I can rest in your protection and provision. Lets work this through together”.

I could almost measure my spiritual state by the kind of cry that I express. To the extent that I have received the revelation of the adoption as a son of God, to that extent I will reckon myself included in the precious fellowship of the Godhead, and walk in fellowship with Abba.

Did you know that you are so loved, and everything in your life is in His gaze? He has taken you into his heart. When you understand this, there will only be one cry when trouble comes, and that will be the cry of the trusting child.