Written by Clive Jackson

I arrived in Accra on Monday evening; Emmanuel met me at the airport and we stayed together the night at the Baptist Guest House.  The next day, we took an internal flight (only ½ hour) to Takoradi.  What a joy!  It’s a four-hour trek in the car.

It has been five years since I was last in Ghana and I was so encouraged to see the progress they have all made.  Emmanuel’s radio and TV programmes have been running for 17 years now; the radio company love what he does and give him all the air time free.

As some of you may know, it was after Emmanuel’s time here, when the Holy Spirit touched his heart so powerfully about his relationship with Monica and the children, that he spent the first six months of his return ministering exclusively to them, which resulted in an interview on the radio where he shared his heart change.  The producers said that every Ghanaian family needs to hear this stuff and they offered him a free slot every week.  True fruit for Jesus!

On my first night in Takoradi, we travelled out to the village church; the last time I went there Paul White was with me and he preached in another village nearby, the result being that a church was formed in that village also.  These two groups came together for our meeting, about a hundred people in all – lots of drums, lots of dancing, lots of ministry – no mosqitos!  At that meeting we gave out about forty shoe boxes.

Shoeboxes pic 1           Shoeboxes pic 2

On Wednesday night I met with the six venue pastors and we had a very sweet time, leaving them all soaking in the Holy Spirit.  There have been a number of challenges over leadership as many somehow want to make a name for themselves and don’t give themselves time to become established in the Father Heart message.  These six leaders are beautiful and have come to rest in the knowledge that to be seen by their heavenly Father is all that matters.  Emmanuel and Monica have done a good job.

On Friday night, I met with the original ‘Alpha’ Church in a field under the stars.  They were praying and as soon as we arrived the love of God just fell on them all.  It was amazing! On Saturday, we did a day for about 80 leaders from all over the area; just a beautiful day, I think life changing for many of them as they opened their hearts.

Sunday was spent with the whole church together in the Worship Centre.  Precious!

Finally, on the last night before I left, we picked up the car which we had purchased in Germany, brought back to the UK by Andrew Baddeley and Richard Atkinson, then sent by ship to Ghana.  A lot of work went into getting it there but well worth it.  Praise the Lord! Thank you to every one who helped purchase the car which is so essential for Emmanuel’s ministry.

IMG_2087 car with Andrew & Helen

Peace Valley

Again, just to remind everyone, in 2001 we, as a church, managed to buy a 10-acre piece of land (Peace Valley) with the vision to build a school, clinic, workshops, guest house and church etc. This lay dormant for a number of years until along with Bagley Church, we raised some money to do the first phase of the school.  This has acted as a catalyst and they have managed to raise enough money to build a toilet block and another eight classrooms (massive space) – well built – a credit to their hard work.

IMG_2161clive with teachers


They have landscaped the ground and the school is running very well there.  In January, they are planning to move the nursery section of the school from the Worship Centre so that the whole school is on the same site.  At the moment they have 245 pupils and they are planning to be over 1,000 eventually.

Ruth, their daughter, who came here for the Eagles Wings School last year, has committed herself to help with the school for a couple of years.  It has really made a vast difference.  Her own confession since Eagles Wings, is that her whole perspective has changed and she is living in the good of that.  There is clearly a call on her life.

Emmanuel believes that the school can help to fund the building of the clinic and workshop, which he is eager to get on with.  There are still many needs: electricity, more water, computers etc.  But ‘Well Done’ to Emmanuel, Monica and Ruth.  It’s all so encouraging!