At our ‘Family time’ on Sunday 15th February Annie Powell talked about how Lox Lane has been doing over the past year. Here is her report;

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Since we last met in May, Lox Lane has been doing well; we had over 800 guests to stay last year!

The Garden room has been a really great asset and interest in Farmhouse bookings has increased massively!

Garden room           FH Wood burner

We have already taken bookings for next Christmas and New Year and the holiday bookings are increasing.

The website is looking great and the facebook page is bringing in customers and generally raising our profile. Please do remember to ‘like’ our page and ‘share’ our posts!

The bookings for this year are looking very positive and I am finding it increasingly more difficult to squeeze people in!

Every year, lots of people from Fathers House benefit from the facility, including the monthly refreshing days, encounter weekends, prophetic days, ministry schools and Weymouth kids camp.

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Financially we are managing to break even, with the outside bookings covering some of our own events, but when it comes to the big maintenance jobs, we do still have to rely on donations. We have had a very kind donation which has enabled us to renovate one of the rooms which was desperately in need of work; John has been working hard as usual!

Our next project is insulating the lofts, after having some very high heating bills; I discovered that there is only 4 inches of insulation in the loft!!! We need to add another 8 inches and I have calculated that this will cost within the region of £1000 to do the courtyard rooms. Doing this will hopefully decrease our gas bills and in time, save us money! If you would be interested in donating to help with the cost of the insulation, please feel free! Just see Dawn or Alistair in the office or come and visit me at Lox Lane, I work every weekday morning and I can give you a tour!

There are always urgent maintenance needs at Lox Lane Farm, due to the age of the property, so if you would like to give regularly to lox lane farm that would also be amazing!! Again, please see Dawn or Alistair to arrange that.

Thank you for your time and I will try and keep you up dated with new projects as and when they arise

It will cost approximately £50 to insulate 1 room, we have 13 rooms to insulate and some are slightly bigger than others.

If you would like to sponsor a room that would be great! Or sponsor a roll (as suggested at the family time) rolls are 19.99 each. Many thanks and I will keep you updated with how we get on!


Since Sunday £500 has already been raised towards insulating the courtyard rooms!