At our ‘Family time’ on Sunday 15th February Alistair Angus talked about how Fathers House has been doing financially over the last year. This is his report;


Good evening!

It is a long established custom that the star billing at every Family Time is the Finance Report. I know this because every year we get many asking ‘Will there be an update on the Finances?’ In the face of such enquiry who am I to disappoint!

The accounts for last year, audited by Andrews & Palmer, were submitted to the Charity Commission on time. Anyone wishing to see them can do so either online or by talking to me.

Briefly they reflect a year in which we did much work both here and at Lox Lane a significant part of which had been financed in the previous year. This produces the effect that we ran a deficit but one which had been anticipated.

There are still some 6 weeks to go before I will be closing the books on the present financial year but we are close enough to be able to make some, hopefully, informed observations.

Looking just at the activities here, and then only at the core church activities, I anticipate that Tithes will be something around £108,000 & Offerings around £22,000. Gift aid will add another £32,000 making total core income about £162,000. Actual income will be substantially higher once conference and other ancillary revenue is taken into account.

On expenditure, again looking exclusively here and at core areas, will be approximately £157,000 which covers building and staff costs.

Those figures are likely to be, within a couple of thousand pounds, almost identical to the previous, audited, year.

Allowing for the fact that some of the Gift Aid is related to projects I anticipate that Income and Expenditure will be more or less the same.

Taking a wider picture, Lox Lane will be in a similar position. Little Acorns is self-financing making no call upon the church for monetary support. We have a long history of giving beyond our own community. In the last year we have given, on a regular basis, to the work of Christians Against Poverty, to the work that Emmanuel & Monica do in Takoradi in Ghana, and to the work that Paul & Eunice do in Bangalore in India. Many of us are involved in these, and others, in both a financial and a hands on way.

It seems invidious to name people but I would like to thank Pete Pearson. Pete can’t be here today as he is on the roof fixing another leak! He has spent hours up there in often grim weather. That brings us to something that is obvious. The roof needs replacing! The figures that I have presented do not give us the ability to do it out of income. I am doing nothing more than to highlight the fact that it is something that we, as a body and a family, need to not only give thought to but actually do something about.

I think that this is the fourteenth time that I have had the honour of addressing this body at a time such as this. I use the word honour with total sincerity. It is a joy and a privilege both to stand before you and to do the work that I do. In those fourteen years many things have changed but some stand the same. I used the phrase in my first report and I conclude with it now; we worship a faithful God.


I then answered a range of questions mostly concerning the roof. It will cost approximately £50,000 for a new roof (not a patched one around which there was much banter) & we will not be having a thermometer to record progress! I kept reminding the church that we have a faithful God.