Jo Pulford

Jo Pulford

Written by Jo Pulford


Mine eyes have seen the glory…

I stand here at the entrance of the garden of the King
A regal sight before me and I know great joy within
I walk through parts of heaven, parks with avenues of trees
Smiling faces, gentle, peaceful, in the knowledge they believed

We walk along together now, the Son of God and I
I raise my eyes to see Him as an eagle passes by
We continue on, much further in, so deeply full of love
The outstretched wings of eagles They’re now soaring just above

They hover full of power like the spirit over water
Deep recognition swells within, I know that I’m His daughter
A mountain view before me that is outstretched far and wide
A deeper view of heaven as I sense my Father’s pride

I move forward from the mountain, the throne room now I see
New creation I could not have known shows His true glory
Before me there’s a wedding, the Bridegroom here within
I know that I’ve been waiting to be stood here now,
With Him


(I wrote this after a ‘God waking me up in the night’ moment!)