Written by Clive Jackson

I’ve just returned from my second trip to India in the last three months.

On the first trip, just before Christmas, I was accompanied by Andrew White, Paul White and Alistair Angus.  We visited Raymond and Abilasha in Delhi, then travelled down to Lucknow on the train.

Several churches in Lucknow were really hungry for things of the Spirit and God visited them very powerfully – one church particularly; there were also a number of leaders from a city near Lucknow and Delhi who received the joy of the Lord in a really remarkable way.  They then took it back to their churches and another fire started.

We then returned to Delhi and had an excellent time with Raymond’s family with God continuing to work, purifying the hearts of the people, with really good fruit and testimonies.  They are truly hungry people and it was very encouraging to see all that is happening with them.

People receiving and soaking in the spirit at Raymond's church.

People receiving and soaking in the spirit at Raymond’s church.


Following that, we flew down to Bangalore to see Paul & Eunice Singh, spending a week holding a conference on the Father Heart.  Paul had brought in about thirty pastors that he works with in Southern India, plus there were also 70-80 students from the top end of their School. It was good to see how the school is progressing and join in their Christmas celebration.  We also had the privilege of visiting the leper colony that they minister to, and being able to pray with the people there.   The people here were very hungry and love the things of the Spirit; another worthwhile visit.  Since our return we have heard testimonies from Paul and Eunice; there is good long-lasting fruit and the Spirit is still  powerfully being poured out.  Very encouraging!

Conference at Paul & Eunice Singhs church in Bangalore

Conference at Paul & Eunice Singhs church in Bangalore

The leper colony outside of Bangalore

The leper colony outside of Bangalore








It seems that whatever culture we visit the need for the healed heart is universal.  People constantly come to us with situations in their hearts which are impossible: broken relationships, parents, divorce or abuse – and without that touch and anointing of the Spirit cannot come free.  So it’s a joy to simply help them process and find genuine freedom.

Because most of this was new to the people of Lucknow, on returning from my first trip I felt that I would like to go back before my visa expired and help them with teaching and instruction.  This time I took Matt Powell with me.

As soon as we arrived we flew down to Lucknow the next day, and ministered in three churches in that area.  They were experiencing things of the Spirit and for me it was one of the sweetest times ever in the Spirit;  I never wanted to move from the ‘spot’!

The group in Lucknow with Matt

The group in Lucknow with Matt


We saw people experience the Father’s love and joy of the Lord.  A number of people were delivered from demonic spirits, one lady after 25 years came free.

In Lucknow we stayed with Tony Anthony and his wife; they really do offer wonderful hospitality and we are very grateful.  He has given us an open door in the ABC Network in India, and we trust that it’s helpful to them.

On return to Raymond’s church in Delhi we spent three days with his people, enjoying all the stories of his people and the things that God has been doing with them.

I really felt this second trip accomplished everything I wanted to do, giving them some theology for what is happening, because it’s very important that they understand that it is based in the Word of God.  Everyone was very grateful for that and very good reports have come back that they’re continuing to experience the blessing of heaven.