Written by Juanita Brough

During the ‘Created to Worship‘ weekend at Sturminster Newton, I attended the Songwriting Workshop with Rich and Joe. At one point we were asked to find a picture which meant something to us, from some magazines.

My picture jumped from the page at me. It was of a bright yellow lego man, waist upwards, chest, head, arms. But in the middle of all the yellow there was a big brown hole in his chest; with lots of lego bricks spilled out in front of him.

To me it represented the eternal truth; every person has this empty space inside them, which only God, through Jesus and the Holy Spirit, can fill.

The pile of yellow bricks in front of him illustrated the fact that some people carry a great deal of pain inside; because of what they have suffered in life. When they meet Jesus, he takes that pain out of them. Gradually filling them up with more of His love, His healing and His Holy Spirit. He replaces the bricks (the broken bits) making us whole again. Jesus helps us to come alive, really alive.

This was more than a picture, it spoke, and it spoke the truth! Thank you Jesus.