The following article and poems were written by a lady who came on our Encounter Weekends A & B last year.


“Yesterday it was a year ago since we happened to drive past Lox Lane on the way to Stourhead.  I saw the sign, put it in my phone and decided I was never going on a retreat!

A lot has happened in a year. I’ve been on both Encounter B followed by A!

Encounter B, last November, seemed to start with the majority of people being filled with the Holy Spirit. I found this a bit scary. But I also remember, after being filled with the Holy Spirit myself, Clive asking me for a hug and I didn’t want to let go!

This first poem, Dear Daddy God, was written on the Saturday. Heidi was my facilitator and she asked her husband, Alastair, to kind of give me the ‘fathers heart’ which he did by hugging me and telling me how much I was loved. This was a bit of an odd experience. However it was quite beautiful at the same time!

I wrote it during the session with all sorts of stuff going on around me.”


Dear Daddy God

Thank you for today,
My daddy I want to play,
There is something wonderful stirring in my heart,
A beautiful feeling knowing you and I will never part.

You mean so much to me,
I know you too will agree,
Today I’ve been soaked in you,
I know you delight in it too.

I know now it will never end,
You are truly my father and friend,
And there is a wonderful excitement,
Perhaps it’s simply an enlightenment.

You love me, I love you,
My heart totally tells me this is true,
I feel different yet again,
It’s amazing, I will never be the same.

My heart sometimes skips a beat,
There is noise around but I’m just in my seat,
Despite the chaos I write this poem to you,
And know you will be delighted too.

6.15pm Saturday 15th

“Both weekends have been significant on my journey, and have both been amazing experiences. I first met Heidi when she was my facilitator and then met Alastair too. Later when I decided I wanted to go to a service at Fathers House, Heidi invited me to lunch. I’ve never felt so welcomed in any church before, everyone was so kind, everything was explained to me, I had a guided tour, bumped into a couple of people I’d seen at Lox Lane, all before Heidi arrived.”

A new me

My heart was full of baggage, I’d been afraid to feel,
I kind of pretended and so nothing felt real,
My Daddy God helped to make things better, he wanted me to play,
And now a brand new me is happy today.

I don’t feel tied up in knots and stuck in the past,
My heart skips a beat as I know this beautiful feeling will last,
Today there is simply no pain,
I know I never need to hide again.

(I have more beautiful poems written by the same lady, which have come out of her encounters with God at Lox Lane, and I’ll share them in a future article)