Gods Amazing “mays” from Psalm 20

Written by Celia Barlow

In verses 1-5b of Psalm 20 David prays seven prayers over his people starting with the word “may”.

May the Lord:

  • Answer when you are in distress
  • Protect you
  • Send Help from the sanctuary
  • Grant Support from Zion
  • Remember and Accept your offerings
  • Make your plans succeed and give you the desires of your heart.
  • Grant all your requests

The results are in verses 5a-9.

  • Victorious shouts for joy
  • Bannering
  • Knowledge of salvation
  • Answers from heaven
  • Trust in the name of the Lord (better than trust in worldly things)
  • We rise up and stand firm but those who put their trust elsewhere are brought down.

We can pray these prayers over our church, family, friends, and nation.