Written by Chris Chilcott

Years ago Jane Churcher worked at St Andeol;
She loved the people there and yearned to go there for a ‘hol’!
But mission with a team was her real dream, and what a team she took –
A bundle of laughs right from the start – not really ‘by the book’!

2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0002          2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0013

Andrew was by far the bravest one to come, sole man within the team,
With Janice, Jane and Chris, and Pat who we met at Nimes.
What a motley crew we were, so different, yet each knew
We had a common message, “Father’s heart! Unite! Renew!”

2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0030          2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0032

With words of confirmation we set off and met up well
With Pat, who laughed and jumped and smiled – she was excited, you could tell!
The two who met us looked somewhat stunned, but took us under their care
To our first stop – the housechurch (with it’s own bar!) at a village called Donzere.

2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0044          2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0033

Thierry is the leader there with his wife Nellie-France, and family.
They fed us right royally then, worship music was played by Noellie.
They then transported us to where Horizons mission house is,
The rooms were all prepared for us – we were ready for a zzzz!

2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0049          2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0067

Ok! It’s morning now! What a blessing! Breakfast al fresco!
Paul and Alfreda Pensing arrived, and it was all systems ‘Go!’
Paul plays guitar; we sing and praise our God for all He’s going to do,
And thank him, too, for healing Paul from his heart attack a few weeks ago.

2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0072          2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0073

It was strangely quiet after lunch, most people lying down,
But once revived we found the fountains and had a prayer walk in the town.
The folk around us were very kind and helped Jane with the meal,
She did us proud with all the food, and presentation was surreal!

2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0076          2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0083

Gail shared some instances where, within their Arab community
God worked, and yet they had to leave; but it’s His work, He’ll bring it to be.
Gail cooked for us a special meal – you eat it with your fingers….
Well Andrew did, off an enormous dish; it was the sort of meal that lingers!

2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0114          2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0124

The next day Andrew went kayaking along the river with Nathan and Matt.
Was that why he came? All the fitness stuff? No, it was a good time to chat!
Coming alongside people doing the things they do, is a good way to share Father’s heart,
We went for tea with Chantel (it rained really hard – oops no mac!), a big square of cake, not tart!

2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0128          2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0150

The past, and our experiences, are unique to each and every one,
Our testimonies are ours to give, God speaks, then watch the fun!
God spoke through Andrew and Janice thro’ words He gave for them to preach, and Jane translated ‘on a roll’.
Pat gave words of wisdom, Nadine words of historic emotion, Chris was turned towards the children, and God just took control.

2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0152          2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0164

We were able to pray with and for one another, as well as with those who we met;
This was good as we watched over each others’ backs – no one slipped through the net.
Roger and Patricia Bellis joined us as they’d lived and served God here years before,
We went out for the day, saw beautiful views, and a church, had lunch then & down to the rivor!

2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0167          2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0169

Etienne, Patricia and son Elliot came, and we learnt a bit of what they wanted to do.
We shared with the Horizon’s prayer time, whilst others prayed on for us, too.
Roger and Pat and Odille came for tea, time passed by at a pace,
Then the first evening conference commenced. God was certainly on the case.

2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0170          2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0200

Janice was speaking, but really ‘twas God, prayer for all sorts of things were sought,
God was working through love, He was meeting their needs, spiritual battles were fought.
There was friendship and love, there was unity too, the Standard of God set in place.
Thank you God for your presence, your Spirit at work, and for letting us experience your grace.

2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0208          2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0222

Anne-Marie invited us to lunch at her place, outdoor meals are so the ‘in thing’!
There were sand lizards playing hide and seek with us too, but a photo? Just quick snapping!
Back for a nap, tea and then the meeting; Etienne’s group organising it this time.
Andrew was the speaker, again God moved, it was different, but still sublime!

2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0227          2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0228

Sunday morning, Paul’s church at St Juste were the hosts for this last celebration.
Again, worship was great and some spoke of God’s touch on their lives – great revelation,
Chris went with the children, Andrew spoke in the church. What happens when things seem all wrong?
Paul & Silas sang praises to God and their chains fell off and they were free – all because of song?

2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0242          2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0261

Again God was working His message of love, for all, and for every situation.
We don’t know the half, but for each of His children, He spoke, be the result tears or elation!
We all went down to a house nearby, for lunch, and more happy conversations,
And when it rained we went indoors and had coffee and ad lib celebrations!

2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0273         2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0288

Our time to return to UK comes so fast, Pat must fly on her own in the morning. She’s a gem!
She had had a great time with a church when she came, so Nadine and Janice wanted to bless them.
What a blessed time they had, they need to return, doors opening without even trying.
We’re back on the plane, in the bus, in the car, and home – no food, have to go buying…..!

2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0329          2015_0615BourgStAndeoul0330