Written by Andrew Baddeley

It was such a joy and honour to be asked to help out at Weymouth camp again this year. All the leaders came together at Loxlane on the Saturday, the day before all the children arrived to be debriefed and do any final jobs. 53 children arrived on the Sunday afternoon and were allocated to their tents, I was in a tent with 7 boys – aged between 10-13. There were 8 tents, all with 6-7 children in with 2 adults in each one.

The program of the week consisted of a meeting in the morning and evening with additional activities during the day. Every morning we would get the children up and have a ‘Holy Moment’, where each tent gathered, meeting and praying before we went for breakfast. I think one of the main highlights for me was hearing one of the boys sharing on the final day about what God had done in his life that week. At the start of the week he came in and was obviously very hassled and hardened by life, however as the week progressed his face physically changed as he softened under the presence of God. He said that ‘during the meetings he felt this warm wind flowing around him and through him making him feel light’. The presence of God is so tangible as we worshipped together, it was great to see our young people like Theo and Maisie leading us in worship, Paul is brilliant at gathering those who sing and play instruments encouraging them to grow in their gifting.

A massive part of camp for the children is having fun, so every afternoon was all about having fun together which included: water fights, wide games on Duncliffe, cooking lunch over a camp fire, rafting at Cut Mill, trip to Longleat and much more. Meal times are also a big focus, eating lots of great food and telling jokes for tokens.

For us as a church I feel so blessed that we can host Weymouth Camp’ at Loxlane and contribute to such an amazing ministry amongst this emerging generation. I just want to honour Paul and Anna White for pursuing this vision for the last 24 years and being a blessing to so many young people.


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