loxlaneWritten by Caroline Watkins

At Fathers House. among the values that we hold close to our hearts, there are two things that stand out. One is the need to be regularly filled with the Holy Spirit and the other is the need for our hearts to be healed from life’s hurts. Over some years we have developed ‘Encounter Weekends’ to minister healing and freedom to hearts and provide an atmosphere where people can encounter God’s love and be filled with the Holy Spirit.

We now have two weekends, imaginatively titled Weekend A and Weekend B! Encounter A covers subjects such as Forgiveness, Judgements, Hearts of Stone, Inner Vows and Ungodly Beliefs. Then on Encounter B we look at God as our Perfect Father, types of father, Shame to Honour and the Orphan Heart.

Each weekend runs from Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime in the beautiful surroundings of Lox Lane. As someone involved I can testify that the weekends are often hard work but always amazing! Every time we see people encountering God, experiencing his love and forgiveness and being set free from ‘those things that hinder’ (Hebrews 12 v 1) our relationship The Father and with each other.

After the two recent weekends in May and July I emailed those who had attended and asked if they would be willing to give feedback which we could share with others. I have so far received 3 replies and I have permission to share them with you. I hope you fing them as encouraging as we did.

Testimony 1

The format of the weekend was fantastic. Friendly, relaxed and loving atmosphere. The teaching on week A and week B are life changing and you all are very good at gently encouraging us to examine our hearts and go there!! This was easier to do because of your humbleness and testimony (All the speakers). I particularly got a lot out of week B, the Fathers heart which I feel is testimony to the Fathers love which is tangible at Lox Lane.

Learning I have a passive father has helped me to realise how I see God and, after praying through forgiveness, I now feel that my Heavenly Father is not so distant. I have more worthiness. I have more strength now to show my earthly father God’s love. This is a work in progress.

I’m not sure there could be any improvements. The picture I have taken away from Lox Lane is a picture of ‘X’ after telling his story and then putting his head and resting on Clive’s shoulder. Sums up the heart of God at Lox Lane. Praise God. I certainly am recommending the encounter to people.”

Testimony 2

Just going on holiday in morning, packed and ready and didn’t want to go before replying to your email.

The weekend was thoroughly enjoyable in every respect. The accommodation and grounds very relaxing and away from the busy-ness of life (especially mine!). The ministry was ground-breaking for me, I had not thought about a lot of the aspects before.

I liked my facilitator very much and I had her praying with me when I did Weekend A as well! It is so worthwhile to pray into each chunk of teaching within half an hour or so.

I think the weekend is excellent value for money. Would love for my Life Group to all come. I am quite shy really, but managed to meet some really lovely people and the food was magnificent.”

Testimony 3

The encounter weekends were life changing for me, amazing. 

Before the weekend I had begun to search for God in my life in a deeper sense, I wanted to experience His love, I wanted to know why we don’t see miracles in the UK but in the third world countries they seem plentiful.

I had also become aware that I didn’t really know forgiveness in my heart, I knew it in my head but not experienced it my heart. So the first weekend was very much where I was at in searching for God. To be honest I went through the process and experienced some real deep healing from some issues of my past but still didn’t know forgiveness in my heart.

I spoke to Clive one evening when we were up at Shaftesbury and said to him that I had still not yet experienced heart felt forgiveness, Clive said that it would happen and I would be sure in knowing when it did.

We went away shortly after, I was working in the Prison Service, there had been many issues that we had faced whilst there for approx. 3 years. On arrival I started to feel quite depressed and one night late in bed I started to experience these issues all over again, I started to forgive people involved and experienced an overwhelming amount of issues that needed to be resolved, at one point I asked God to stop showing me these issues as it became so overwhelming. I spent a lot of time on holiday forgiving even myself for the way that I had reacted to issues like conflict.

On return I was worshipping and suddenly became aware that I was forgiven, I experienced a flood of Holy Spirit in my heart that I had never had before, this changed how I was worshipping in a dynamic way, the words that I was singing started to become real for the first time, I knew in my heart that I was forgiven, truly forgiven. Worship now is far more fulfilling I feel like I have connected with Heavenly Father personally.

I then became aware that I didn’t know what love really felt like, again I knew in my head but not my heart. I was reminded of the song from the seventies, “I want to know what love is, I want you to show me”

Weekend B comes and goes with more healing taking place, with more forgiveness, but nothing dynamic. The weekend was great until the Sunday when I had been brooding over something but not consciously sure what it was, this made me feel down for the next couple of days. I was at my church on the Tuesday following the weekend when I had a sense of the Holy Spirit showing me issues from past relationships we had. i needed to talk to my wife about these issues. We spent a long time dealing with a lot of pain and hurt, it felt like my heart was being pulled out of me, there was such pain.

This went on for about 24 hours and I was exhausted, I went to bed to rest and prayed ‘Lord I can’t do this without you’

When I woke I felt different, the pain in my heart had gone, I went to my wife and we embraced in a hug that was amazing, I felt a flood of Holy Spirit rush into my heart, instead of pain in my heart it was bursting with love. I felt God say to me you wanted to know what love is, I am showing you through your wife and this is only the start there is so much more for you. He used my wife to show me what love really is. 
Our relationship changed, my worship changed and is still changing  I feel a different person, I know I am loved by Heavenly Father and my heart is busting, sometimes I just want to stand outside with my hands held high in adoration to Him. 
He has given me forgiveness He has shown me Love that I have never experienced before, I know this in my heart, I am set free a changed person, a work in progress as I find a deeper sense of His love flooding in each time I engage with Father so much so that I don’t want to be separated ever again. Amazing, I feel like I want to roar like a lion. Just a totally amazing experience.
Well you wanted testimony, thank you for helping me see and experience Heavenly Father for real.”


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