By now most of you will be aware that we are having to replace the roof of Father’s House. We will be taking up an offering on September 6th to cover this expense. We also said that we would keep you updated with the progress and the contributions coming in.

The cost of renewing the roof, with a 20 year guarantee is £44,000 (including VAT). The best quote, and the one we have accepted, is from Kavanagh Roofing and they intend to start work on Tuesday September 1st.

Scaffolding will be going up then and we will all need to be aware of, and accommodate this. The work will last about 3 weeks.

Alistair told me yesterday (26/Aug) that we have received £14,000 to date. When I heard that my heart was greatly encouraged and the emotion that I experienced was one of not feeling alone in this matter, but rather one of being surrounded by many of you sharing the load with us.

I know £44,000 is a lot of money to find in one lump, but I am confident that between us we will raise the money, and have many more years of enjoying his presence together in a dry building!

Please continue to pray and give as he directs you.

Thanks again for your kindness and fellowship in this journey,

Much love, Clive