Written by Juanita Brough

I had the real privilege of attending the ‘Friday Fire’ and ‘Fire in the Night’ meeting at church on 2nd & 3rd October.

Firstly, God had a surprise for me. I was reunited with a great young man, from my last church, whose parents and grandparents I know. I had last seen him in his late teens, at least eight years ago. Sam, this bearded young man, met me in the coffee bar and introduced me to his lovely young wife. They were helping to lead worship in the first group at ‘Friday Fire’. It was so lovely to see them!

Groups of musicians took turns to lead us into the presence of God. All through the night, 7.15 pm until 8 am; the musicians worshipped our Almighty God. For all these wonderful, faithful, anointed, gifted people I want to thank you Jesus and thank them too.

Having bannered for a time, at 1.15 am I went and sat quietly in an easy chair at the side and back of the room. On looking out across the church, I gradually became aware of how beautiful being in his presence in such an amazing way was! It was was more than soaking. Jesus was there in such a tangible way. The church was alive, His presence was filling the room; His lovely, Holy, amazing presence. It was a time of deep, deep intimacy. God was doing something very deep and extremely profound. I started to try to write down what was being sensed/felt.

Your Presence

The beauty of your Presence,
Your Holy, Holy, Holy Presence,
is all around, enfolding me.
This special, special time,
just being close with you.
Just soaking in your love,
in the beauty of your Presence;
Your Holy, Holy, Holy Presence.

I am reminded of the song, with the words:-

‘Here I am standing in your Presence,
Shekinah Glory fall down,
Shekinah Glory fall.’

It seemed last night, we were almost there; that might be what is coming next!?

Well done to those who came on Friday night or Saturday morning (some from 5.30 am) BUT almost no one attended this ‘Fire in the Night’ meeting! I would encourage more people to come to the next one on November 27th, even if you can only come for a short time. God is doing something very, very special at these meetings. It was an extraordinary time, thank you Jesus.