Written by Mike Beecham

Every day new people arrive at The Jungle, often months after they left their homes. Knowing no-one, they simply pitch up whatever shelfter they have on the entrance to the camp, always being watched by the Gendarmerie (National Police). Eventually, they will be moved away from the entrance, and will have to find somewhere within the camp to pitch up instead. In time, they’ll find their way around, and simply increase the numbers in the camp.

Sitting down with the refugees, and listening to their stories can be difficult. Every person in the camp has a story, an account of how they ended up at the camp. Their stories are painful and hard to take in at times, but undoubtedly more painful to tell. These stories are told over endless cups of ‘Chai’…weak tea mixed with condensed milk and sugar. The language barrier can be a problem at times, but somehow you end up getting the drift.