Written by Mike Beecham

Wooden pallets are essential in The Jungle.

They are placed inside of canvas tents, allowing beds and possessions to be raised up off the cold, wet ground. Without these, it would simply be impossible to live inside of the tents. Whilst not ideal, the palles do help keep the refugees warm and dry.

Pallet ‘deployment’ was a large part of our journey into the camp. We would walk around, talking to individuals, looking inside of their tents to see who had pallets, and who didn’t. For those without, we would give them a number of ‘tickets’ (small, pink heart shapes) relevant to the number of pallets they would need for their tent. We would then arrange to meet them at our waiting van, parked outside of the camp. They would exchange their tickets for pallets, then carry them back to their tents. It’s a simple, but effective solution. These runs could happen 2-3 times a day, where possible, and it would not be unusual to see people carrying back multiple pallets to the camp.