Written by Mike Beecham

It’s Friday, so something more lighthearted.

Life in The Jungle can be so desperate at times, but there are always countless volunteers who go in to the camp to distribute things of need. This isn’t always practical items such as tents, shoes, food and toiletries. Sometimes it’s hope, encouragement and maybe even a little joy.

We did have some good experiences within the camp. On the Saturday morning, we went into the camp school (one small, single wooden room), played with some hand puppets and sang some songs with the children. I’m still not sure who enjoyed it more…the children or the grown-ups.

So there we were in the middle of a muddy camp in France, in a small wooden room, with people of different nationalities. We sang some songs, danced a little awkwardly in time with the puppets, and we laughed together.

Some days can be good days.