CharlesWritten by Charles Beadle

I feel so enlightened, enlifted and encouraged after experiencing my Heavenly Father’s love and acceptance at the recent Encounter Weekend B. There was a tangible sweet air about the whole weekend, and interacting with everyone seemed just so easy.

I had suffered an overhang of ‘Emmaus Road’ type disappointment, because in the past I have done the encounter weekends which partly lifted me but for mixed reasons I had not come into the fullness of Freedom in Christ I needed. This left me with a doubting feeling where I could not buy positively into all the encouragement we have shared about Encounter, and I thought that Encounter Weekends were ‘over-rated’! This time it was so different that even by midday on the Saturday I had broken into so much freedom that I said to Clive something like “forgive me, I can see why Encounter is so over-rated!”

The Father did amazing, unexplainable things. They are often to correct how we have related to our parents, and He pours his love and forgiveness in we can receive renewed joy, life and be aware of his affirmation.

I had especially an incident come to mind when on our first family holiday abroad in Austria I was alone in the family room and a huge wind gusted suddenly and smashed the window. I thought I would be blamed so i denied I knew anything about it, showing I had some imperfect root of fear/distrust which could then be restored and forgiven. Through clear glass or not ‘Praise you Father’ for I am seeing more clearly, following you more nearly and loving you more dearly!

When I was returning home after the evening I lost my car keys. It is quite dark at Lox Lane, and I was suddenly so conscious what a good place I was in. A Heavenly Father who loves me and family so close! I was especially encouraged too, to just enjoy much deeper fellowship with my friends and family so close. The huge unfathomable hugeness of God just came through.

I cannot do Encounter A weekend soon enough and doing Encounter B is affording me the Fathers take-off! It’s so good to do Encounter and I would encourage anyone who thinks that Encounter did not fully deliver the first or second time to go again and experience the unfailing Heavenly Father’s love and a unique place in His Heart!

Thank you to you all at Father’s House Shaftesbury and Lox Lane for your faithfulness and encouragement.