AmandaWritten by Amanda Walker

Knowing God has been an exciting journey and has included lots of ups and downs in my life. I have learnt that He is so passionate about us travelling the journey with Him. This has brought me a lot of peace when risking new steps – even when I cannot quite see where my feet are stepping next!

I have always had a heart for those who are marginalised and a strong desire to see people healed and restored to their maximum potential. I came to believe in Jesus at Uni and since then God has led me into many situations where I have had the privilege of seeing people’s lives transformed by their relationship with Him.

Usually if I hear Him speak about something in the future I pray it in faith and then he brings it about in His timing. I am convinced that He does not just want to use our circumstances but His priority is for us to grow in relationship with Him as we navigate the situations we are in. As long as I can remember I have had a curiosity about how our Father takes His word and then puts it into practice in our everyday lives. Part of that curiosity is what brought me to trust God and He continues to use my curiosity a lot! I began seeking God’s will about everyday issues when working with long term homeless men near Waterloo station in London and then in an alcohol and drug therapy unit, seeing God reconstruct people’s lives from despair gradually to lives of hope with a future.

During these 5 years, quite unexpectedly I heard Him challenge me to work with street children in the urban slums of Brazil. Years before I had trusted Him with an initial vision to work in South America but had given the specifics and the timing into His hands. In Brazil we used several different stages of rehabilitation to help children rediscover the joy of being childlike again and to let go of some of their sense of over responsibility. We also worked with youth to grow their trust in Jesus and to develop their skills through apprenticeships. The culture there is almost the complete opposite to Britain, like their perspective on punctuality(!) and their inherent ability to maintain so many quality relationships!

More recently in a deprived area of London I set up a project delivering an Employment Programme I had designed and another working with Offender’s Families. In my spare time I enjoyed volunteering just now and then at a Retreat Centre. I sensed that I would work in a Retreat Centre in the future but held this very lightly. I had just been on holiday with friends in Studland when I was accepted for a job at Guys Marsh delivering an Offender behaviour training programme. This was an exciting role seeing participants begin to change but it became very challenging simply due to one person on my Team. Although He had called me there the Father started giving me several promises about delivering me from my difficult circumstances. It took a lot of testing of my faith, a lot of prayers from my lovely Housegroup and a lot of trust to keep a right heart daily and let Him choose the timing. Eventually I felt it was right to give in my resignation and to apply for other jobs. I had experienced so many blessings through being part of the family at Father’s House and through the Encounter weekends and the Eagles Wings Ministry and many encouraging words during prayer at the end of Sunday mornings. I felt very sad when my circumstances revealed little hope of staying in Dorset but I prayed and surrendered them into God’s hands. About an hour later I almost cycled into Clive Jackson! We spoke briefly and later that week we prayed about the possibility of me taking up the vacancy at Lox Lane. So the Father has been helping me learn that when He makes the next step pretty clear He can very quickly reassign us!! During this time I had been praying through my vision to work in a retreat centre and other possibilities. Then within days I was at Lox Lane!

After being here just over 6 weeks it continues to be a privilege to work with the team at Lox Lane and to serve our diverse groups of visitors. I would really appreciate your prayers to hear what the Father’s heart is for Lox Lane for the future.

Thank you so much,