Written by Gordon Clowrey – January 2016

I want to tell you about my trip to China last week where I met with Joseph, a pastor in Shenzhen, who I met at IHOP (his first visit). I felt the Lord wanted me to connect with him in future business trips.

I was able to do this last week and prayed with his group in a small apartment made into prayer room. I even shared my heart and the Lord allowed me the great privilege of being able to pray with beautiful people, with hearts for him. I felt his love flowing through me to their hearts, it was awesome.

This was made more beautiful as Shenzhen is where I had my bag stolen on a previous trip with all my passport, wallet etc etc in it. When it happened the Lord overwhelmed me with calmness, like putting me in a “bubble of calm” instead of panic and I testified out loud that the Lord would return to me what I needed!

We reported the details to the police etc. Next morning my manager had a phone call to say my bag had been found and my passport, credit cards, wallet etc were all in it! The security guy said it must have been a thief with integrity as he only removed a small amount of cash then left the bag to be found.
I believed at the time I was supposed to do something in Shenzhen as the enemy had tried to spoil my visit at that time, which was not long after my heart bypass, when I was fragile, but the Lord turned it into glory by his strength!

Whilst on my trip last week I asked Joseph the pastor to accompany me to a factory visit and we used a taxi guy with an SUV to take us there. It was unusual as the taxi guy asked if it was ok for his wife to be in the car also, as she wanted to spend time with her husband – she was doing some embroidery and we said it was fine.

Anyway we went to the factory and the driver came in with us and was very helpful and supportive, which they don’t normally do? As we were talking in the meeting it seemed good to have him tag along as we made our tour. I felt the Lord show me that the driver had a good heart and felt I should tell him and pray a blessing for him and his wife.

I asked Joseph the pastor to introduce the subject when we returned in the car to my hotel. When we arrived back he did this and I was again privileged to be able to pray for them, and they were blessed as he and his wife were Christians!!! His wife was deeply touched.

The Lord is wherever we go and we can trust him in everything – as it says in psalm 23 v 6 – ‘His goodness and faithful love pursue me’

psalm 23v6