Written by Jane Churcher – 17th January 2016

I stood anxiously at the front door waiting for the paramedics to arrive! My Fathers health had deteriorated rapidly and we needed help!

At that moment I reckoned my sister would be taking off for a much needed visit to Africa, so I knew that as a woman on my own I was in for a challenging time and would have to rely on God completely! Somewhere in Psalms it says that God supports widows and orphans, so I thought I qualified too!

Dad needed constant care for nights as well as days, and I have to admit to not being a Florence Nightingale, floating through the house and always being sweet tempered and patient!

However I did see some great answers to prayer; like the hospital ringing up and offering help with Dads needs; and one night when I was afraid I couldn’t help him get from A to B, he suddenly seemed to be ‘in place’.

Many of my needs at that time were met by the kindness of people. If St Paul, the great apostle, said ‘but God comforted us by the coming of Titus’, how much more do we need the help and encouragement of each other!

I will never forget that after 16 days of leaving the house very little, an old friend came to stay with me. Together we chatted, laughed, did basic household tasks and visited local coffee shops as often as possible. It was like a dose of joy injected into my weary soul!

Also there were acts of kindness from many people from Fathers House and other local churches. One couple arrived one morning with rakes and sacks to sweep leaves up in the garden. Piles of towels were washed and dried, shopping was done and people sat with Dad whilst I popped out. I received cards of encouragement and flowers, and most important of all, prayer.

One chilly afternoon the lounge was full of people from 3 churches who had ‘popped’ in. We ended up having an impromptu prayer time – lovely!!

All these acts of kindness meant so much – each one represented a Titus. So, thank you so much for all those of you who supported and continue to support Dad and me. More and more I see the need to love and encourage others in little ways……

‘Encourage the faint hearted,
and help the weak’

(1 Corinthians 5:14)