DSC_0242Written by Jean Brown

In December Clive, Martyn and I went to India.

The first place we went was Gurgaon, outside of Delhi, to Raymond & Abilasha’s church.
Clive led a conference there, also joined by a group who had travelled from Rampur – they had been touched by the Holy Spirit during Clive’s last visit and had brilliant testimonies of how their lives and church had been impacted.
The week we spent with Raymond was very busy, so many people to pray for. Lots of Hindu’s came and received prayer. The school that Raymond has started is thriving and we were able to go in and pray for the staff and children, it is such a poor area but the school is making a real difference to families.
We also visited a church in Delhi that Raymond had started in a basement – it was an interesting evening! Lots of young folk who had been touched by the Spirit joined us, full of the joy of the Lord and rather noisy! In another part of Delhi we visited a group of people that meet in a house, there are no Christian churches in the area and we prayed with them, and Raymond & Abilasha, to plant a church there.


So much to tell, so many stories! We finished our week there with a meeting with Tony Anthony, which you will hear more about later…..

Our second week we flew to Bangalore to visit Paul & Eunice Singh, it was such a joy to be there again. We have been there several times and are always amazed with what they achieve. Paul reminds me so much of George Muller from Bristol!
We were greeted by lots of children eager to show us their science projects, which we all enjoyed and found interesting, their enthusiasm for their school is such a joy.
The school now has 1200 children from different religions, not only Christian. The children are mostly from the slums and some from children’s homes, so there are lots of challenging circumstances but they are not only given an education but are ‘taught of the Lord’ Isaiah 54:13. They know how to pray and know the scriptures. The school results are a testament of the Lord’s favour – they have the best results in the area!

Clive spoke at the pastors conference – some of the pastors had travelled such long distances, often with their families. It was a great time and I loved being with the pastors wives and praying with them. Lots of the men come regularly to hear Clive and have amazing testimonies, every meeting is packed. Paul & Eunice so want the children from the school to hear the word that any floor space was filled with older children sitting cross-legged!
Of course all the folk that had travelled in had to be catered for. We saw huge pots over open fires, bed mats etc rolled out in the classrooms at night, everything happening in the same building while the school is running!


Martyn, Clive and I also went to one of the Leper colonies to minister to the folk and distribute blankets and food. Paul supports a lot of lepers, some coming weekly for meals and prayer to their home. Outcasts in society, but loved by the Lord.

In summing up we felt very humbled to see what the Lord is doing through Paul & Eunice and the difference the ministry is making to the whole area. On our last evening 2000 people gathered and we presented the children and staff with prizes and gifts – a lovely evening celebrating their success. Of course, they just love all the folk in Shaftesbury and a lot is made possible by the support from Father’s House. It’s such a joy to see the Gospel in Action and see the impact the Lord’s plans are making across India, with the ripples spreading out through the pastors and schools. Clive carries a great anointing for teaching and making disciples and it was a joy to be part of this time in India.