CharlesWritten by Charles Beadle – March 2016

(Charles attended an Encounter Weekend B at the end of last year – you can read his article, published in The House on 7th December, about his encounter with the Father at that time. Here, Charles shares about the fresh encounters he has experienced on the Weekend A)

“This was the weekend that could not come quickly enough after doing B first! Amazing the hope to Coming more aLIVE to my Heavenly Father, was overwhelming, a double portion both little and large (CO and CJ respectively!)

The Sweet Caroline sound was the amazing revelation of how God had chosen us and how precious each one of us is to him (CW) as children.

The mealtimes of fellowship/friendship are really fun and good chances to learn more.

I really had breakthrough in weekend B, my heart’s sTONY ground being broken and RHODES which were ways of rightness and praise were springing up before me (end Isaiah Ch 61)

When you do Encounter it’s really interesting to speculate on who will be your facilitator. I had reasoned that Clive and Caroline must be really anointed in this task, until someone from the Happy Croud really convinced me God had his way of highlighting what he really wanted to show us.

Facilitators in place, in seemed like the ALA(ba)STAIR jar of His love and presence was poured out so much that all my ANG(er)US could be left at the cross.

I have really appreciated so much the family and company here at Fathers House. Sometimes we can get frustrated and discouraged, that leads to wrong reactions and judgements against our brothers and sisters. One of mine was to readily accuse others unfairly of being super spiritual! I had to address 1 or 2 wrong judgements I had made.

Something else really interesting happened, to re-establish my identity in Christ. I am the oldest in my family and have one younger sister. My mother was an only child, and as such when she was expecting me , she was thinking more of having a girl rather than the boy I was! In my early years I thus failed to really take to boys games, William Tell, Cowboys and Indians etc. I was interested in trains etc, but only really clicked when my parents encouraged my interest in Cricket and Football. That connected me in and was probably worth the broken windows etc!

With revelation it was great to release and forgive my Mum and Dad for any false expectations. Sometimes when parents want or expect a baby of a particular sex it can encourage us to believe in false identities/images of ourselves.

My life still has real difficulties but what an incredible difference to know in my heart He loves me forever! Thank you so much Clive, Caroline, Tony, Alastair and all you family and friends at Lox Lane who have made space for Encounters, and above all my Heavenly Father who made the first step of love and inclusion for us (see 1 John Ch 3 & 4) and brought me into an amazing family!”