At ‘Daytimers’ on 28/4 Clive told us about the marriage of Marcus & Emily Letts: the actual exchanging of vows and signing of the register were witnessed here, in Father’s House by a small group of family and friends – and the Holy Spirit.

The next day the wedding was celebrated by a bar in an open field in Crewkerne where the couple’s  family and friends attending were in great number – some of whom were not Christians so that Clive felt he needed to tread lightly in his address as Pastor.

This much I gathered through my improved hearing aids but, as usual my slow wits and the impetus of the delivery of speech that brought out the burst of laughter from my fellow ‘daytimers’, I did not catch.

Christine later explained what I had missed; Clive had told them his ‘old joke’ about ‘how not to treat your spouse’ which produced some guilty gasps and looks, in the loud laughter of his audience.

I tell you all this because I recall that some years ago in a small group that Deane will remember, discussing ‘entry to the Kingdom of Heaven’, this had been described as ‘a paradigm shift’ – a complete change of state – and Joe had likened it as resembling the “Oh yes!” of the penny dropping after a shaggy dog story!

I liked it, for this – ‘not getting the joke’ – gives an earthly reflection on the crucial, critical yet sublime point of how for us as sinners we can miss all the Glory of God – [it’s no joke!]

My daily reading for today (the 30/4) gives a better summary by Fred Buechner – “Sin and grace, absence and presence, tragedy and comedy divide the world between them and where they meet head on the Gospel happens. Let the preacher preach the Gospel of their preposterous meeting as the high, unbidden, hilarious thing it is”.