JuanitaWritten by Juanita Brough

Firstly, sadly I had got into debt which I desperately wanted to deal with; even trying to sell something at the end of last year, but it did not sell!

Then, in February a very strong wind whipped my car door out of my hand, resulting in so much damage that the insurance company wrote my car off! The money I got for it paid to replace four fences (flattened by the wind), the replacement for an exploding conservatory roof panel and of course, paid off the debt, finally! Thank you Jesus.

However, I was left with no car! It would take me at least 18 months to save for another. Meanwhile the walking improved my fitness!

In mid-March I was surprised when someone gave me an anonymous donation of £800 towards my car. Thank you Jesus. It was quite difficult to find something for this price, so I decided to wait and add a little extra myself. By the start of June it could be made up to £1300.

Then this week, the second in May, another payment of £1500 was put through my front door, for the car. I was in shock, total shock! Praise you, thank you Jesus, now I can get a car not quite so old and with less mileage! So a much more reliable car. Thank you Lord, for loving me, thank you for your goodness and kindness in providing for a decent car for me. Thank you, thank you Jesus!

Praise you Lord for your faithfulness as my loving Father. Thank you for helping me Jesus. Amen.